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A Time War

Chapter 17

Over all those millions and billions of years that you and I spent merging into one single sentient being that existed in, out, across and throughout space-time, I, or shall I say we, saw the creations and destructions of planets, beings, stars and even the entire Galaxies.

One moment, we saw the entire world fall apart, the next, it was filled with life again. Not the life that will be, but the life that was. For us, time existed in a way beyond the general comprehensions of almost every civilization in the Multiverse.

Every single moment was past, present and future, weaved and intertwined with each other, in ways that, if even a single piece of the entire structure was pulled apart, it would have all collapsed like a House of Cards.

Every time we looked out into the Universe, it was different as compared to what it was a moment ago and what it would be a moment later. And then, it was the same all again, millions of years down the line.

And while running across so many times and moments in the past, present, future and in all Universes and Timelines, once, we saw the obliteration of the entire Multiverse. And that was not easy to comprehend or accept.

The worst part about it being that there was no actual way to know when it started or how or where in the fabric of Space-Time.

We were one sentient being, but we were two.

I saw the stars move from one point to another, the galaxies spin, the planets explode, and the Universe being filled with Blackholes and finally, all of it ending in one small, densely packed, contracted Quantum Universe.

And she saw the life being formed over and over again. She saw the civilizations evolve. She saw the creation of New worlds and Universes.

Different Visions!

While I wanted to just let the time flow by for those who existed in normal time and space and let the Mutiverse reach an end and see everything turn into one infinitesimal Quantum Universe, She didn’t.

We were supposed to be the Time-Keepers. But we were also suppose be the Life-Keepers.

And this was a rather difficult choice to make.

But as always, even with the end of Multiverse hovering over, She continued to be one blinding ray of hope.

While I wanted to let the time flow as it wanted, She wanted to hold it still just as long to uncover the reason behind that destruction.

And we set out on our respective journeys after being together for billions of years.

I was determined to do everything to let the time flow and finally reach a point where the entire Multiverse would explode and turn into one Quantum Universe, and She set out on a journey to protect all the life and energy in the Cosmos.

Little did we know at that moment… We were both being naive!

And there, at that very moment in the fabric of Space-time, started a war for existence. A Time War! One which existed for time, while existing completely out of time.

A war for which, the Multiverse was going to pay the last remaining shilling!

I became the protector of time, and She… well, she became the Hope of Life.

P.S. Time is Alive!

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