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The Classical Air India

Dubai suspends Air India Express flights for 15 days for flying coronavirus positive patients twice

As per the UAE government rules, each passenger travelling from India needs to bring original coronavirus-negative certificate from RT-PCR test done 96 hours prior to the journey.

“You are aware of our previous intimation made to you by our letter dated September 2 for boarding a passenger with a coronavirus positive test result, who endangered the other passengers on board and also caused a serious health risk,” the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority said.

It further added that boarding a coronavirus patient was in violation of the laid down procedures relating to the air travel to and from Dubai airports during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Therefore, all operation of Air India Express to Dubai Airports is temporarily suspended, for a duration of 15 days, effective from 00:01 hrs on Friday 18th September 2020 until 23:59 hrs of 2nd October 2020,” it said.

“In addition to the suspension of operation, you will be further notified to pay all the expenditure incurred by the respective authorities for medical services and/or quarantine of any passenger(s) and the other passengers in the flight and also any other expenditure connected thereto”.

Question is: How does Air India manage to screw up somehow or the other without failure?

And the better question is: How long before Indian Government and Union Health Minister finally reach the stage where they happen to realize that the numbers that are being displayed are nothing but an illusion?

How can one keep ignoring everything and anything?

India’s testing techniques, accuracy, calculations are all nothing but a lie. A cooked up story by the best illusionist in the History of India.

Perhaps, an even more accomplished illusionist than the legendary Xaverri herself.

It would be quite fascinating to see for how long can the government continue this ruse and for how long will the people keep being played!

P.S. No lab could ever provide me with such a wide variety of subjects.

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