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I am still standing at the same place

My feet have denied to move

My heart doesn’t want to leave

And my emotions are flowing like a fleuve

Oh Sadah! How can I love anyone else

When I already have someone as beguiling as you!

27 responses to “Enchanting”

  1. Firstly, I was confused with the name. I checked the recent posts then understood that it’s you.
    Such a transition in genre of writing. From world and national affairs to Poetry! That too so beautiful. Nice one.

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    • You need to check the name again. The world, national affairs, science and religion is a different person.
      This is a different person.


      • Yeah that I checked already. Same person can change the name of the WordPress site. I didn’t know that two persons are handling the same account.


      • We are looking to get more people. We are in process of developing an app and get more good writers to write and create variety of content.


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