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Why Will Vaccines Not Work?

First things first. I am neither going to be positive about anything nor am I going to spread a positive message here. For people who believe I should be more compassionate and should try to feel the pain and suffering of others, I really won’t because I actually (and I cannot stress this enough) DO […]

My Fascination With Humanity

All throughout the year in 2020, since the outbreak of SARS-CoV2, I kept insisting on certain problems that we will have and kept explaining and mentioning over and over again how we won’t have any one vaccine that might help us fight the pandemic in all its entirety. Even now, if you go and read […]

Covid-19 Triggered Fungal Infection

A certain headline read: FUNGAL INFECTION TRIGGERED BY COVID-19 SEEN IN CITIES ALL OVER INDIA A Delhi hospital has reported around 13 cases of a fungal infection in patients that is triggered by COVID-19. Doctors from Sri Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH), Delhi has said the infection has caused the loss of eyesight, removal of the […]

The Modern Day Hitler

Not everyone saw Hitler as a bane to the society. The current Prime Minister of India most certainly did not. India, the nation which is otherwise referred to as the largest democracy in the world, has now begun a new phase. Under the charismatic leadership of Narendra Modi, the man who has been believed to […]

Farmers’ Protest : Illiteracy and Terrorism

As the Farmers continue to Protest for their rights, Media, Government and some people have been blaming those Farmers to “Khalistani Terrorists” and have also pointed out that they are illiterate and lack the qualifications to understand the recently introduced Farm Bill. Okay! So, Farmers are Terrorists and Illiterates. Let’s say that they have not […]

The Farmer Conundrum

A certain headline read: The Centre Miscalculated Farmer Rage And Frustration And people think the same Centre can calculate the progress of Virus and the efficiency of the so-called “vaccines”. Cute! As long as the likes of Narendra Modi stay the helm, the country or for that matter, the world will never be able to […]

The Fascinating Experience

I find the experience of living among such primitive people with brain functions that amount to almost negligible, most fascinating. Studying the human brain, and for that matter, the entire human kind, is proving to be quite interesting. People just don’t want to accept the facts based on science, reason and logic. But they jump […]

People And The Pandemic

The Covid scare among people is simply fascinating. Months ago, when some of us said that there will be absolutely no cure and no respite from the Virus in the foreseeable future, people mocked us. People were too damn sure that the handful of people (2-3) who understood science were wrong and everyone else, especially […]

Fingerprints of String Theory

A team of researchers have announced what they think are the first indirect observations of ancient cosmic strings, bizarre objects thought to have contributed to the arrangement of objects throughout the universe. Although researchers have not yet directly observed the strings themselves, the team believes they found evidence of them hidden in ancient quasars, enormous black […]

Into The Future

Chapter 18 Everything we saw that day on the 15 eon mark of this Multiverse’ existence threw us both into different directions in order to find, set into motion, or maybe, prevent everything that was about to happen. I followed every mark, every clue left behind in the infinite loop of time. None of it […]


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