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Why Will Vaccines Not Work?

First things first.

I am neither going to be positive about anything nor am I going to spread a positive message here.

For people who believe I should be more compassionate and should try to feel the pain and suffering of others, I really won’t because I actually (and I cannot stress this enough) DO NOT care!

Now, to the topic at hand.

I am a scientist and questioning everything is my job.

The CoVs are a highly diverse family of enveloped positive-sense single- stranded RNA viruses.

SARS-CoV2 is the same.

But CoV2 has displayed the ability to adapt and mutate at an extremely rapid rate.

Every human body has a group of innate genes. These are dormant viruses lying inside you from millenias of evolution.

Too many vaccines will be trying to neutralize CoV2 but the problem will be, that due to the different RNA structure of various mutants, it won’t be able to completely neutralize it.

The new viruses will be formed and will have a certain incubation period in hosts before they start exchanging bodies.

And then the fun will happen people.

This so called vaccination drive will lead the humans into such fascinating fight against an all new group of viruses and diseases that no one will even be able to realize what hit them!

The vaccines developed for curing CoV2 are mRNA vaccines.

They contain the exact copy of the CoV2 like RNA to help the body develop antibodies at an accelerated rate, so in future, when and if you do get infected, they can help fight the infection.

But the vaccines would help only if the similar RNA strand of CoV2 infects the person.

Given the rate of mutations, it is highly unlikely, as I said before, that one vaccine would ever be able to treat or prevent infections in every single person.

There is no wonder drug to help fight CoV2.

And given the way governments are working and the the assumptions they are working on, it will take them at least another 7 years to be able to understand what is happening.

P.S. It is just getting started. It will be too much fun.

My Fascination With Humanity

All throughout the year in 2020, since the outbreak of SARS-CoV2, I kept insisting on certain problems that we will have and kept explaining and mentioning over and over again how we won’t have any one vaccine that might help us fight the pandemic in all its entirety.

Even now, if you go and read all my articles and papers on Covid-19 causing Novel Coronavirus, you will see how everything I wrote was ahead of the time. Most of my theories have been proved. By most, I mean there are hardly 1 or 2 more of the theories I mentioned in my papers that have not yet been proven.

I still stand by my claim that I was and probably, still am the only person who actually understands what’s actually happening.

Not that anyone cares but had people listened to me, we might have possibly been able to prevent about 40-60% of the total number of cases that we have recorded up until today.

All the governments are acting exactly the way they did around the same time last year.

Cooking up new ways to fight the pandemic, blaming someone for the problem, applying the “Trial and Hit” method, and everything else they did last time. One new addition to their arsenal is the large number of vaccines that certainly don’t work.

Vaccines not working is hardly a news though, considering I mentioned that in my paper over a year ago. If you want, you can find it here:

There might be a vaccine developed. In fact, tens or hundreds of them. But because of the genetic level mutations and the fact the Covid-19 affects every person differently, one particular vaccine won’t treat everyone. For that to be done, we’ll have to still research a lot more. Even then, there is a chance that there would never be a potential vaccine that is capable of treating everyone.

Not only were my assumptions and theories right, looking back at the entire year and what has happened in this year so far, I would say, almost every single thing I analyzed, theorized and predicted as to the extent of this disease, the variations and people’s reaction along the way; all of it was almost right.

There is a reason why Mathematics and Predictive Analytics should be trusted and why people should have listened to all of it when they had the time.

Humans do Fascinate me!

On one end, they emphasize on their dire need and desire for survival and on the other hand, they are always so intertwined with their capacity to ignore the truth even when it could lead to their extinction!

Most Fascinating!

Covid-19 Triggered Fungal Infection

A certain headline read:


A Delhi hospital has reported around 13 cases of a fungal infection in patients that is triggered by COVID-19. Doctors from Sri Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH), Delhi has said the infection has caused the loss of eyesight, removal of the nose and jaw bone and five people have died due to this infection. The black fungus infection has been identified as Mucormycosis that occurs when you have a weakened immunity due to illness or health condition, which happens when one tests positive for Covid-19.

Now comes the “I told you so” part.

Following is an excerpt from my paper which I wrote on May 11, 2020.

Also, considering the rate of adaptability and the ability of the SARS-CoV2 gene to mutate with almost anything, I wouldn’t consider it completely hypothetical, if at a later stage, it ends up mutating or binding with a variety of fungi, especially the likes of Meliola Anfracta or some other Black Fungus and cause infections like mucormycosis, chromoblastomycosis, etc.

Now, either I am way ahead of time or the more plausible explanation is, I analyzed the SARS-CoV2 Novel Coronavirus far better than everyone else.

Sometimes, things like these make me realize that I am even better than I think I am.

Until now, out of all the analyses I made, not a single one has been proved wrong. Fascinating! Right?

Universe is a fascinating place!

The Modern Day Hitler

Not everyone saw Hitler as a bane to the society.

The current Prime Minister of India most certainly did not.

India, the nation which is otherwise referred to as the largest democracy in the world, has now begun a new phase. Under the charismatic leadership of Narendra Modi, the man who has been believed to have played a role in his fair share of criminal activities, India has now taken a step away from the moronic ‘Democracy’ and is looking all set to enter a new era of the ever-so-pleasing “Dictatorship”.

This is new India! India where no one is allowed to have an opinion. Those who do, are beaten, tagged as terrorists, called anti-national, and if nothing else works, put House arrest or in prison.

While all those who fight for their rights are treated so badly, the people against whom there is substantial evidence to have been a part of some criminal activity, or even those who have accepted that hey were involved in some anti-constitutional activity, like demolishing a Mosque in a so-called Secular nation, are made members of the Ruling Government.

Fascinating! Right?

This is the new India!

Farmers who are raising a voice for their rights are told that they have no idea what is good for them. It’s like telling someone that they should not brush their teeth because it is not good for them.

Apparently, according to the most highly educated Prime Minister in the recorded history of the World, he is the only one who can understand the benefits of a certain bill and do the math which everyone else, all across the world, with advanced degrees cannot begin to comprehend.

Even more fascinating!

As people continue to be accused of being terrorists for raising their voice for their “Human Rights”, a few thousand people in India still find it exciting enough to mark the importance of “International Human Rights Day”.

But you should not term it as Hypocrisy. It is simply “Idiosyncrasy”!

Farmers’ Protest : Illiteracy and Terrorism

As the Farmers continue to Protest for their rights, Media, Government and some people have been blaming those Farmers to “Khalistani Terrorists” and have also pointed out that they are illiterate and lack the qualifications to understand the recently introduced Farm Bill.

Okay! So, Farmers are Terrorists and Illiterates. Let’s say that they have not been able to understand or do not want to understand the benefit that they might earn after the application of these bills.

The only problem I have is that none of the people with advanced degrees in Mathematics and Economics have been able to see the benefits of these bills.

The only people who see these bills as revolutionary are Narendra Modi, BJP Government and all the rats that once drowned into the Weser River.

And while we are on the topic of illiteracy, anyone has any idea how many Doctorates our Current Prime Minister has?

And as for terrorism, well, 2002 Gujarat Riots, a Gujarat CM, Demolition of Babri Masjid, Pragya Thakur; need I go on?

For BJP, Modi and the rats that drowned into the Weser, everyone who speaks anything they do not like, becomes a terrorist.

Muslims – Terrorists
SIkhs – Khalistani
Arvind Kejriwal – Pakistani Spokesperson
Someone is an Urban Naxal, someone an Anti-National and someone is a member of Tukde Tukde Gang.

The only Patriots are those who abuse women, demolish Mosques, kill Muslims, incite hatred and initiate Riots.

Once upon a time, a man from Gujarat implemented the British policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ and divided one Big Nation on the basis of religion.

Now, another man from Gujarat is implementing the same policy and people, who apparently have not had enough time to evolve, are acting in the same way some did before the Britishers established their colony in India.

Illiteracy and Terrorism most certainly are the problems but not in the place you are looking.

Both of these banes exist within the current Government.

The Farmer Conundrum

A certain headline read:

The Centre Miscalculated Farmer Rage And Frustration

And people think the same Centre can calculate the progress of Virus and the efficiency of the so-called “vaccines”. Cute!

As long as the likes of Narendra Modi stay the helm, the country or for that matter, the world will never be able to take the next step towards development.

One should not be worried as much about the farmers at the moment as one should be worried about the fact that they belong to a certain state from which once emerged the likes of Udham Singh and Bhagat Singh; one who traveled to the United Kingdom and shot Reginald Dyer for having led the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre and the other who played a pivotal role in the Nation’s quest for Independence.

I am not saying that one should be afraid of them or any such thing. All I am saying is, it’s certainly not a good idea to piss the people who come from a long line of patriots and also are the reason you happen to have food on your plate.

But then, one can not really expect anything better from a government being led by someone who goes around the world making false, baseless claims, day in and day out.

Although, one should know, after the Empire Struck Back, The Jedi did return and Palpatine and Vader were killed.

No matter how extreme the dark side becomes, there will always be those with whom the force will be strong.

And as for Modi and Shah, well, People do believe in them. Just like people believe in God and Satan and all the things that have no reasonable and factual basis of existence.

And also, like in some country far far away, people believed in an Orange.

There is something wrong with Orange. Such a lonely, pathetic word. The only word that rhymes with orange is sporange which is an old botanical term for “sporangium,” the portion of a fern in which asexual spores are created.


In April 2014, shortly before the national elections that swept him to power, Modi publicly affirmed that he was married and his spouse was Jashodaben; the couple has remained married, but estranged.

Anyway, coming back to the farmers problem.

Once upon a time, India went through a phase known as the Green Revolution. And now, with great help from the highly intellectual Prime Minister, India is experiencing a Green Revolt.

Fascinating how some people have the ability to mess up almost everything.

The Fascinating Experience

I find the experience of living among such primitive people with brain functions that amount to almost negligible, most fascinating.

Studying the human brain, and for that matter, the entire human kind, is proving to be quite interesting.

People just don’t want to accept the facts based on science, reason and logic. But they jump at every chance to catch hold of all the hoax and rumors that help them ‘FEEL’ better.

Every fact I stated 6 months ago regarding the spread of Coronavirus and how it will increase and affect the people in the coming months was simply ignored using extremely scientific methods known as ‘ Optimism ‘ and ‘ Belief ‘.

No one was ready to accept, at the time, the fact that having cleaner indoor air would help preventing the infection or that the spread of virus will aggravate in all the countries North of the Equator as the winter approaches.

And there were a lot of other ‘FACTS’ too which were completely ignored merely for being optimistic towards the pandemic and for the belief that it will all end soon.

Now, the same facts that I stated months ago are being studied and analyzed in detail.

I am not saying that all of you are imbeciles. I am merely stating another fact that the majority of Human Population is ‘Primitive’!

This pandemic situation has provided me with the best chance of studying the entire Human kind in its natural, primitive state without any filtering. It’s most fascinating!

People And The Pandemic

The Covid scare among people is simply fascinating. Months ago, when some of us said that there will be absolutely no cure and no respite from the Virus in the foreseeable future, people mocked us. People were too damn sure that the handful of people (2-3) who understood science were wrong and everyone else, especially the most intellectual specimen of our species; Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, etc. were right.

How about it now? Why are you people so scared of “The Common Cold”?

Vaccines worked! Did they NOT? The pandemic is almost over. Is it NOT?

I am as sure as I was months ago that of all the vaccines that have been and will be developed in the near future, none will work.

If any of them do, it will be for 6 months or 9 at most. After a certain time, you will be susceptible to the SARS-CoV2 virus AGAIN!

And everyone will be affected. Well, at least 70% of the World Population. All one can do is try and lessen the risk as much as one can by taking all the necessary precautions.

But well, no one wants to do that. Right? You shouldn’t worry yourself with all the precautions and those stupid rules and regulations for the Politicians all across the globe have already stated that the pandemic will be over soon and there is nothing to worry.

And to those who ‘believe’ they won’t be affected or even if they are, they will be cured like many already have been, well, NO ONE has been CURED! And you might want to cut down a little on your ‘BELIEFS’.

Anyway, go out and have fun! (while you can)

Fingerprints of String Theory

A team of researchers have announced what they think are the first indirect observations of ancient cosmic strings, bizarre objects thought to have contributed to the arrangement of objects throughout the universe.

Although researchers have not yet directly observed the strings themselves, the team believes they found evidence of them hidden in ancient quasars, enormous black holes that shoot out mighty jets of light and radiation, found at the heart of many galaxies.

The presumed cosmic strings were incredibly narrow, thinner than the diameter of a proton, but so dense that a string less than a mile in length would weigh more than the Earth. As the universe expanded, so too did these strings until they either stretched across the known universe, or into enormous rings thousands of times larger than our galaxy.

Some people, especially those who have absolutely no knowledge about the subject, often question the credibility of String Theory.

Well, all things considered, String Theory is our best bet at the ‘Theory of Everything’.

And while I say how logically sound and perfect String Theory is, you should always know, no one completely understands String Theory. And if you ever come across anyone who tells you that they know what String Theory is all about and know everything about its working and all the principles that follow, pack your stuff and run! Run as fast as you can.

For anyone who claims to completely understand the Principles and Workings of String Theory is lying.

But all our years of research has led us to learn the fact that String Theory is the most probable theory that could help us explain the Multiverse.

Maybe in 11 dimensions or possibly in 26, but it eventually will.

Though, right now, we are not sure about all the evidence gathered as the Strings that were so dense just after the Big Bang, certainly have decayed and don’t provide observational signals anymore.

“The string itself is gone, but you get the magnetic field imprinted in the early universe,” Poltis said.

The detection of a cosmic string would be an important cosmological discovery because of their theorized importance to the formation of galaxies in the early universe.

Into The Future

Chapter 18

Everything we saw that day on the 15 eon mark of this Multiverse’ existence threw us both into different directions in order to find, set into motion, or maybe, prevent everything that was about to happen.

I followed every mark, every clue left behind in the infinite loop of time. None of it ever became easy to find. But after being stuck for what felt like a thousand years, in a place where time behaved in wild, irrational ways, I finally found the first piece to my puzzle.

And from the point in time we had witnessed the destruction, if what I was seeing was right and I was completely able to understand it, it meant that the Multiverse had just another 2500 years left before being obliterated and turning into one small, dense mass of infinite matter and energy.

The thought of the entire cosmos shrinking down into one small ball of matter and energy seemed all to fascinating to me. The Cosmos going back to become what it was.

And then I saw the destruction being left behind. Planets, torn apart; Moons, non-existent; stars, all gone red or white or turned into blackhole; all life hanging on the fringes.

And then, I set out to find the reason. I had to know what or who was the cause behind such extreme obliteration of ‘Many Worlds’!

After a long search in that timeless realm, I did find answers. Answers, I didn’t like.

The only reason I had set out in a different direction as compared to her was to let the time flow and the actions of time and space follow their course. It is why I was the Timekeeper. And she had parted ways with me to help and protect the life and energy and prevent the obliteration.

But as I stood in that timeless realm, watching every time, year and place pass before my eyes, I saw them being obliterated and torn apart one by one from the inside.

I knew that only someone who existed beyond space and time had the ability to cause destructution at such a high scale and in that particular way.

Though I wasn’t allowed to see the destroyer of worlds, I did get an idea. More importantly, I found out the exact place where it all began.

And now all I had to do, was to reach the Blue Strand Galaxy, some 250 years in the past to find out the cause and maybe, even the “Destroyer of Worlds”.

Chapter 1 The Night of Thousand Tears

Chapter 2 A Thousand Days of Pain

Chapter 3 Into The Past

Chapter 4 The Saviour

Chapter 5 Facing The Truth

Chapter 6 Who Am I – The Question

Chapter 7 Who Am I – The Answer

Chapter 8 My Truth

Chapter 9 Mirror That Created Reality

Chapter 10 Search For Home

Chapter 11 Lost in the Conscious

Chapter 12 The Creation and Obliteration

Chapter 13 In Another Time

Chapter 14 In That Moment

Chapter 15 The Clam Black Hole

Chapter 16 Love Amid The Stars

Chapter 17 A Time War

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