What China Did Wrong?

As a matter of fact, Nothing!. China did nothing wrong. There was no way anyone could have predicted a virus oozing out of a 315 billion tonne piece of ice. The only problem with China is, they just end up being on the wrong side of things every time. China seems to be breeding ground for all types of ancient viruses, bacterias and fungi.

Even a type of Meliola Anfracta was found in China a few years ago.
Meliola zangii, species of fungus in the family Meliolaceae that was found in China. It was described as new to science in 2003 by Bin Song. The fungus grows on the plant in the form of black, velvety spots up to 3 mm in diameter. The perithecia are spherical and black, and up to 150 µm in diameter.

10 thoughts on “What China Did Wrong?”

  1. If China created this virus purposely making it spread in the US and throughout the world as it has, it must be they are making a very strong statement to the world. And, I would wonder what it is they are telling us all. Is it ‘don’t mess with China or else here’s what you get’? I don’t underestimate how smart they are. It seems kind of odd to me that a market was blamed for the original outbreak which is down the street from a military biological lab. I think the Chinese people are a great culture, yet have disturbing doubts about the intentions of their government.

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    1. I agree with this.

      The other thing is that China & the WHO has been accused to hiding how infectious the SARS-COV-2 virus is. But they couldn’t have hidden what they didn’t know. It’s a NOVEL virus. No one knew, and with time we’ve learnt more and more. Even now on one knows everything about the virus. We’re still learning about it everyday.

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      1. That is the problem. We aren’t.
        7799999800 people aren’t learning anything.
        And out of the remaining 200, 3 might actually be closer than everyone else.
        But assumptions and accusations are far more intellectual than facts and intelligence itself.

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      2. I don’t think we will get the truth out of China. We surely don’t find it within our own government, which is currently at war with itself. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The face of war has changed. We are in a third world war against 4 countries.

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      3. Umm…. actually, we do know that the virus wasn’t anyones fault. It’s a zoonotic infection. And with the number of asymptomatic carriers this infection has, it was going to be hard to control spread, esp early on when we didn’t know about asymptomatic carriers. WHO definitely couldn’t have known and been accurate about a novel infection right from the outset. That really isn’t possible with a nee infection. You have to study it, analyse it and that takes some time. 👍

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  2. I don’t believe for one second that China created this virus anymore that Spain created the Spanish flu. Diseases have been around forever and are always evolving and mutating and finding new vectors to spread themselves. The fact that one found a means of spreading itself to the entire world is not new or surprising. Smallpox was one such disease that decimated entire regions when it was spread. I feel that blaming China for this virus is a stretch and unhelpful. This paper does not blame China for creating the virus but for unintentionally spreading a naturally occurring disease to the rest of the world. Were there some mistakes and bad assumptions made? Hell, yes! But those always happen when we first encounter a new disease. Every Time!! Chinas most damning mistake was failing to adequately communicate the danger of the new virus and hiding the deaths it was causing. They did not create this virus, but they did fail in warning us.

    The point of this paper is to reveal the danger of ancient diseases being released into the world by Global Warming. Scientists are not releasing them, the thawing of the ice and permafrost at the poles is releasing them. The scientists are trying to warn you so you can prepare for the diseases and develop vaccines and early warning measures.

    Always listen to the smartest people in the room. Those people are never politicians.

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