Some people have chosen to believe that Covid-19 can only be transmitted by droplets >5-10 μm in diameter and can only travel a maximum of 1 meter.

But according to various studies, carried out at various locations, traces of airborne transmission have been found with particles <5μm in diameter.

In a recent extensive research and study, I have found, the presence of microbes within droplet nuclei will vary from region to region and so will its speed of travel and the maximum distance it can travel through air based on atmospheric factors.

The amount of distance these microbes can travel while carrying Covid-19 depends highly on the weather conditions on that particular day.
There hasn’t been any consistent data received yet as to what kind of weather affects its rate of travelling and spreading, but it sure doesn’t eradicate as the temperature increases.

According to current studies, and also considering what I studied when was 12, the hotter the weather; the lighter the air.

The rate of spreading of Covid-19 carrying particles depends on temperature, pressure, humidity, and various other environmental factors.
And taking into consideration, a particle as small as <5μm in diameter, will only be able to stay in the air a little more than it would in a colder weather.

Although, with the air getting drier in winters, there is always a chance of aerosols getting smaller and more penetrable. Smaller the aerosols, longer they can stay in air and affect more people.

Given that, everyone living north of the equator should expect the number of cases to rise drastically in the coming months.

Assuming that this study holds some credibility, and the number of cases increase as predicted, I can say that there is no proven way to protect oneself.

And if we apply this study to the observations I published earlier; things might just get a lot more aggravated.

And once you get infected, you can’t really recover. You’ll always remain susceptible to the virus and can test positive again after the “doctors” have declared you negative for SARS-CoV2 Virus once.

So, you can get infected over and over again and there is simply no way to prevent it unless you start acted logically.

We still don’t have any strong evidence to support any of our theories, but it is rather better to be safer in every way you can, instead of believing some conspiracy theory such as, the bats are spreading it or something like that.

It is always better to work in order to find a solution rather than point fingers at China, or bats, or something so hypothetical that even the most elusive imaginative mind can’t comprehend.

Also, if the aforementioned theory of it being carried along with the iceberg is right, and given the weather patterns over next few weeks, it is safe to assume that the rain and snow will bring with them, strands of Covid-19, thus increasing the number of cases by two-fold.

One thought on “Transmission”

  1. What you have written offers a rational choice to look at this epidemic. Very enlightening and helpful in these times. Excellent post.


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