Concluding my observations and hypothesis, I would say, we should expect every landlocked state, city and country to be hit by the virus starting from 3rd week of this month, especially South-East asia.

And the countries that haven’t experienced the wrath of the virus yet (some because it hasn’t really hit those countries, and some because… “Ignorance is Bliss”) should be prepared for a vast and life-threatening spread of Covid-19. Also, countries that think they have passed the Covid-19 phase should be prepared for another hit very soon.

Unless we don’t start paying attention to the adaptability, ways of transmission and every other factor concerning the Covid-19 corona virus, we won’t be able to develop any vaccine in the near or even far future to protect the mankind.

We should not expect the world to be Covid-19 free at least for another year and a half. All the countries who believe they have avoided the Virus, and those who are now re-opening as they believe they have suffered and made it through, should soon expect to be under the radar yet again.

But if we pursue the avenue of studying and analyzing the covid-19 strands at genetic level in every region and accept the fact that we will have to develop a different vaccine for different regions, we might just avoid an extinction level event!

4 thoughts on “Conclusion”

  1. Hi Doctor, First, thank you for your thoughtful research. COVID-19 Iis rearing its ugly head with a vengeance in the USA. Given the protests and rally, that is not a surprise. It should be a wake-up call. In our county, we are experiencing more cases, and an increase in deaths, but also in recoveries. We are one of the worst counties in the nation, even though it is a rural county with only one city over 100,000 people. I follow the statistics daily, and it still a mystery as to why our numbers are so high in comparison to other counties in California. Thanks again for your publication.


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