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Automation and AI


Recently, I have been working on an Artificial Neural Network based Voice Automation system.

AI is deemed to be dangerous to the humans in the long run, but just because of that, we can’t stop creating and innovating and inventing new technologies and products.

An unsupervised, deep learning enabled Artificial Neural Network can be the difference between us being able to solve the problems like Smoothness and Existence of Navier-Stokes and P versus NP today or after 200 years.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models can change life on a scale hitherto undreamt of and can make life easier in ways humans cannot even comprehend as of now.

With a lot of Math, Science and some extremely patient years of coding, a few of us can change the course of human events.

Stay intrigued and stay interested!

For more such theories and proof of concept, keep checking in for new posts.

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