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Why Will Vaccines Not Work?

First things first.

I am neither going to be positive about anything nor am I going to spread a positive message here.

For people who believe I should be more compassionate and should try to feel the pain and suffering of others, I really won’t because I actually (and I cannot stress this enough) DO NOT care!

Now, to the topic at hand.

I am a scientist and questioning everything is my job.

The CoVs are a highly diverse family of enveloped positive-sense single- stranded RNA viruses.

SARS-CoV2 is the same.

But CoV2 has displayed the ability to adapt and mutate at an extremely rapid rate.

Every human body has a group of innate genes. These are dormant viruses lying inside you from millenias of evolution.

Too many vaccines will be trying to neutralize CoV2 but the problem will be, that due to the different RNA structure of various mutants, it won’t be able to completely neutralize it.

The new viruses will be formed and will have a certain incubation period in hosts before they start exchanging bodies.

And then the fun will happen people.

This so called vaccination drive will lead the humans into such fascinating fight against an all new group of viruses and diseases that no one will even be able to realize what hit them!

The vaccines developed for curing CoV2 are mRNA vaccines.

They contain the exact copy of the CoV2 like RNA to help the body develop antibodies at an accelerated rate, so in future, when and if you do get infected, they can help fight the infection.

But the vaccines would help only if the similar RNA strand of CoV2 infects the person.

Given the rate of mutations, it is highly unlikely, as I said before, that one vaccine would ever be able to treat or prevent infections in every single person.

There is no wonder drug to help fight CoV2.

And given the way governments are working and the the assumptions they are working on, it will take them at least another 7 years to be able to understand what is happening.

P.S. It is just getting started. It will be too much fun.

14 responses to “Why Will Vaccines Not Work?”

  1. Have you seen anything that explains how the RNA is protected from degradation once injection takes place? I haven’t; I assume that is proprietary. I just wanted to see if you have thoughts on this.


  2. Come to india then and see yourself. The situation is even worse in rural areas and most of the people are not even getting tested and treating through home remedies at home.


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