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My Fascination With Humanity

All throughout the year in 2020, since the outbreak of SARS-CoV2, I kept insisting on certain problems that we will have and kept explaining and mentioning over and over again how we won’t have any one vaccine that might help us fight the pandemic in all its entirety.

Even now, if you go and read all my articles and papers on Covid-19 causing Novel Coronavirus, you will see how everything I wrote was ahead of the time. Most of my theories have been proved. By most, I mean there are hardly 1 or 2 more of the theories I mentioned in my papers that have not yet been proven.

I still stand by my claim that I was and probably, still am the only person who actually understands what’s actually happening.

Not that anyone cares but had people listened to me, we might have possibly been able to prevent about 40-60% of the total number of cases that we have recorded up until today.

All the governments are acting exactly the way they did around the same time last year.

Cooking up new ways to fight the pandemic, blaming someone for the problem, applying the “Trial and Hit” method, and everything else they did last time. One new addition to their arsenal is the large number of vaccines that certainly don’t work.

Vaccines not working is hardly a news though, considering I mentioned that in my paper over a year ago. If you want, you can find it here:

There might be a vaccine developed. In fact, tens or hundreds of them. But because of the genetic level mutations and the fact the Covid-19 affects every person differently, one particular vaccine won’t treat everyone. For that to be done, we’ll have to still research a lot more. Even then, there is a chance that there would never be a potential vaccine that is capable of treating everyone.

Not only were my assumptions and theories right, looking back at the entire year and what has happened in this year so far, I would say, almost every single thing I analyzed, theorized and predicted as to the extent of this disease, the variations and people’s reaction along the way; all of it was almost right.

There is a reason why Mathematics and Predictive Analytics should be trusted and why people should have listened to all of it when they had the time.

Humans do Fascinate me!

On one end, they emphasize on their dire need and desire for survival and on the other hand, they are always so intertwined with their capacity to ignore the truth even when it could lead to their extinction!

Most Fascinating!

4 responses to “My Fascination With Humanity”

  1. Dear Doctor Kaahsh, please don’t leave your readers blank and go on a holiday this long.Delighted to experience your writings.Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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