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Covid-19 Triggered Fungal Infection

A certain headline read:


A Delhi hospital has reported around 13 cases of a fungal infection in patients that is triggered by COVID-19. Doctors from Sri Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH), Delhi has said the infection has caused the loss of eyesight, removal of the nose and jaw bone and five people have died due to this infection. The black fungus infection has been identified as Mucormycosis that occurs when you have a weakened immunity due to illness or health condition, which happens when one tests positive for Covid-19.

Now comes the “I told you so” part.

Following is an excerpt from my paper which I wrote on May 11, 2020.

Also, considering the rate of adaptability and the ability of the SARS-CoV2 gene to mutate with almost anything, I wouldn’t consider it completely hypothetical, if at a later stage, it ends up mutating or binding with a variety of fungi, especially the likes of Meliola Anfracta or some other Black Fungus and cause infections like mucormycosis, chromoblastomycosis, etc.

Now, either I am way ahead of time or the more plausible explanation is, I analyzed the SARS-CoV2 Novel Coronavirus far better than everyone else.

Sometimes, things like these make me realize that I am even better than I think I am.

Until now, out of all the analyses I made, not a single one has been proved wrong. Fascinating! Right?

Universe is a fascinating place!

6 responses to “Covid-19 Triggered Fungal Infection”

  1. Yes indeed it is fascinating that you are ahead of the curve. Just goes to show how intellectually dishonest the experts are in this day and age.

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  2. Hello 👋 missed you!! Sorry been busy with things!! Really busy!!

    Since you have a good grasp on things with Covid-19… do you do any of your own trying to figure out a vaccine or some kind of something? Because if you can predict these things to possibly occur? Can you also create something that will stop it?

    Because if these supposably big corporations and medical institutions can’t come up with something that will be valid no matter the strain – why not let others try – I don’t care who comes up with it… I just want some genius to fix this

    You seem to understand it well, so do you try to do that?

    I had the first dose of the vaccine and I go back for the second on February 16th… I am mortuary worker so that is only reason why I have vaccine already. Otherwise they dropping the ball getting people vaccinated too!!

    And then we also have people who don’t trust shit, because of everything we just went through over here and so there is big section who will also refuse vaccine

    And then also- with the vaccine – you do have to keep getting vaccinated 🤨 … so I get vaccinated now, but I will have to do again next year or in 6 months or whatever the time frame is? Will be similar to yearly flu shot

    It felt like a tetanus shot – my arm hurt for about 2/3 days… is fine now

    They tell me that next shot could make me sick 🤒 with the symptoms, that is my body adjusting – so I am nervous with second one coming up. 😝

    Can YOU make a better way?? 🙏

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