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The Modern Day Hitler

Not everyone saw Hitler as a bane to the society.

The current Prime Minister of India most certainly did not.

India, the nation which is otherwise referred to as the largest democracy in the world, has now begun a new phase. Under the charismatic leadership of Narendra Modi, the man who has been believed to have played a role in his fair share of criminal activities, India has now taken a step away from the moronic ‘Democracy’ and is looking all set to enter a new era of the ever-so-pleasing “Dictatorship”.

This is new India! India where no one is allowed to have an opinion. Those who do, are beaten, tagged as terrorists, called anti-national, and if nothing else works, put House arrest or in prison.

While all those who fight for their rights are treated so badly, the people against whom there is substantial evidence to have been a part of some criminal activity, or even those who have accepted that hey were involved in some anti-constitutional activity, like demolishing a Mosque in a so-called Secular nation, are made members of the Ruling Government.

Fascinating! Right?

This is the new India!

Farmers who are raising a voice for their rights are told that they have no idea what is good for them. It’s like telling someone that they should not brush their teeth because it is not good for them.

Apparently, according to the most highly educated Prime Minister in the recorded history of the World, he is the only one who can understand the benefits of a certain bill and do the math which everyone else, all across the world, with advanced degrees cannot begin to comprehend.

Even more fascinating!

As people continue to be accused of being terrorists for raising their voice for their “Human Rights”, a few thousand people in India still find it exciting enough to mark the importance of “International Human Rights Day”.

But you should not term it as Hypocrisy. It is simply “Idiosyncrasy”!

13 responses to “The Modern Day Hitler”

  1. Indiasyncrises crimes against Indian people are being committed daily by ya so called Modi-fanatics intent on suppressing the rights of the largest “Democracy “ in the world. Hypocrites are found everywhere! Ya got my 💯 approval! Keep ya in mind thank ya 🙏🐕♒️💪💥😡🤬✅

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  2. Oh dear, what a shame! Sounds similar to the dictator and criminals in power in Nigeria.
    All human rights are outlawed and no voice at all from anywhere can liberate the masses except they rose.
    But alas, fear has enveloped the nation so much that it seems like everyone is glad to have the world’s most useless government.

    May India not become another dictatorship under the guise of nonexistent democracy.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. First off, anyone who thinks President Trump is a dictator has lost their mind and never lived somewhere that has a true dictatorship or tyrannical leadership. When a leader can circumvent political processes that are in place to protect the citizens then that leader becomes dangerous to the populace that disagrees with their policies. A dictator makes law with nobody to over rule them.
    Second, when those in power control the narrative and the language being used -whether in politics, pop culture, or corporations, then they control the people. This is a perfect example of that being executed. It is not hypocrisy. It is delusion, illusion, and manipulation. It is also 100% illogical. We are not taught logic today so people have trouble recognizing it.
    Third, none of this is new. We are all just aware of it because of the internet and the various connectivity to one another that is unprecedented in human history as we know it. Life is full of pain and suffering. Anyone who says it can be another one is lying to you, or worse, to themselves, and they may be willing to hurt or kill others to reach the ‘freedom’ from the ills of life that they deemed unjustified.
    That’s my two cents.

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  4. Hitler did not walk out of a Munich beer hall and take over Germany all by himself. Nor has any dictator an example of sui generis. Americans have yet to engage in the introspection which would reveal this ugly truth.


  5. Hi, hoping you are well. I wanted to let you know that WordPress has blocked my liking function and I am forever blocked from liking any posts. It is very sad and they give me no reason except that I am a spam bot and not a human being. I will appreciate your work by commenting from time to time. Much love and best wishes. ❤🙏

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  6. Well you watched what happened with us.

    People had enough and came out to vote our ahole out. We have also had MANY severe protests, almost constantly!

    Obviously you saw the riots on our Inauguration Day. (Disgraceful!)

    The president of the United States has special privileges even when they leave office – currently Democrats want Trump impeached so that would take away the special privileges (those privileges could be dangerous with Trump)

    Anyway… in a small way? You feel like a mirror? The things you say remind me of situations over here.

    Eventually all the people gonna get fed up and no one will give a shit and fight back. You can only push people so far before they push back – time will come

    It takes awhile because at first you do not realize there is bad… but when the bad keeps coming and coming – and people struggle and hurt… eventually people will not stand for that.

    Unfortunately we had to implode ourselves, and fight back to handle all our problems …

    Even still we have “DOMESTIC terrorists” left over from the Trump administration- (yes!!! We have homegrown stupid ass coward terrorists) trying to start or threaten violence … so we aren’t done with these aholes.

    I work by my Capitol … we have had the national guard all around 🤨 security is at a high right now.

    We are still volatile… Biden does bring a peace and it feels like a healing?

    But then we still have assholes too – it takes awhile and we still in clean up mode.

    And we have democracy but these political groups are killing us!! Both sides!! The republicans are just plain assholes – the Democrats need to also chill… they can be way over the top sometimes too… I am sick of both of them – shut up and handle shit. All they do is fight about everything!! How is that a productive government? They mess everything up because of political lines 🤨

    Last night I was talking to my kids and they said something that kinda hit me 😮…

    They said… IF it was not for covid… it would have all been different 😮

    And yes that is probably true… we won’t ever know for sure… but Covid put the magnifying glass on everything! And we imploded. 🤨

    It sucks. And with the home grown terrorists you just never know if you may have a civil war or not 🤨

    Everyone’s emotions are high because we fed up with covid and all that crap, and we go through all this political bullshit.

    People are out of work, struggling, etc… homelessness is on rise, as well as, people going hungry.

    So people get more frustrated, desperate and the government SHOULD protect you. Should want the best for the country and its people. (Not it’s own political or monetary agenda)

    I have a feeling that this decade is going to be a tough one. 😳 because all of that is pretty heavy and it took us a long time to get this screwed up – now we have to fix it so that will take awhile too!

    I guess it’s good in a way? Because we learn lessons with everything we see and go through. So one day maybe be really amazing? (Yeah I know – pipe dream)

    But anyway… sometimes I feel like India and America seem like mirrors?

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