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Farmers’ Protest : Illiteracy and Terrorism

As the Farmers continue to Protest for their rights, Media, Government and some people have been blaming those Farmers to “Khalistani Terrorists” and have also pointed out that they are illiterate and lack the qualifications to understand the recently introduced Farm Bill.

Okay! So, Farmers are Terrorists and Illiterates. Let’s say that they have not been able to understand or do not want to understand the benefit that they might earn after the application of these bills.

The only problem I have is that none of the people with advanced degrees in Mathematics and Economics have been able to see the benefits of these bills.

The only people who see these bills as revolutionary are Narendra Modi, BJP Government and all the rats that once drowned into the Weser River.

And while we are on the topic of illiteracy, anyone has any idea how many Doctorates our Current Prime Minister has?

And as for terrorism, well, 2002 Gujarat Riots, a Gujarat CM, Demolition of Babri Masjid, Pragya Thakur; need I go on?

For BJP, Modi and the rats that drowned into the Weser, everyone who speaks anything they do not like, becomes a terrorist.

Muslims – Terrorists
SIkhs – Khalistani
Arvind Kejriwal – Pakistani Spokesperson
Someone is an Urban Naxal, someone an Anti-National and someone is a member of Tukde Tukde Gang.

The only Patriots are those who abuse women, demolish Mosques, kill Muslims, incite hatred and initiate Riots.

Once upon a time, a man from Gujarat implemented the British policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ and divided one Big Nation on the basis of religion.

Now, another man from Gujarat is implementing the same policy and people, who apparently have not had enough time to evolve, are acting in the same way some did before the Britishers established their colony in India.

Illiteracy and Terrorism most certainly are the problems but not in the place you are looking.

Both of these banes exist within the current Government.

35 responses to “Farmers’ Protest : Illiteracy and Terrorism”

  1. Call For Caution & Patience Of Highest Order While Discussing Concerns Associated With The Recent Laws On Farming.

    Entire Country Empathises With Farmers That The Protesting R Aided By Their ‘Learnings, While Farming’ & R Free To Quote From Other ‘Walks, Around Economy’.

    We Need To Provide For, The Most Care, To The Fact That Our Cultural Values R Centered Around Villages & Farmers Interests R @ The ‘Heart & Soul’ Of Our Villages & Hence, Our Perspectives, Which Happen To Be Against The Recent Laws On Farming.

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  2. Oh wow – I am little surprised that the word terrorist is thrown around so easily. That is a heavy word to accuse people of.

    So terrorism and illiteracy aside … are farmers being taken advantage of?

    Government always complicates everything way more than it needs to actually be.

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      • There are no benefits of the bills whatsoever.

        Farmers are asked to sell their produce to private companies or the government at a pre-descided price.
        So if the price of that commodity goes up in the market, farmers will still get the pre-decided price but the companies can then sell the same for whatever price they want.
        And then, since 1960s, government used to provide the farmers with a Minimum Support Proce for certain crops incase the produce didn’t sell out.
        Now, government is all set on revoking that MSP.
        And somehow, only abourt 20 crore Indians with virtually no eligibility can see the benefits of the bill while people like me, with even PhDs in Mathematics related subjects can see no benefit whatsoever.

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      • Well farmers are vital. And that is hard work, regardless of where in world you are…

        Prices should follow market – including with their predetermined pricing measures … couldn’t they do a percentage off of what going rate would be…

        So the farmers do all the work and someone else cashes in? That’s not right.

        And the farmers should have those special perks… farming is a difficult profession even over here.

        And farmers provide the food and jobs and bring to the economy so I would think farmers would be so very important and treated as such!

        Even here, we do not appreciate as we should either

        Farming is a thankless job – but very appreciated actually

        Your government sounds a little money driven?? I could be wrong? Because they want to give farmers a set price and then make more off of it (like a scalper) but give none back to farmer

        And then they want to take away that perk to farmer… that helps them survive – but for the government is only money? That’s kinda sad

        I hope works out ok

        We are same 🤨… it’s just as annoying over here ✌️

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      • You have your own Trump! 😮

        Who is that? Your president? Kovind? Is that right?

        Ohhh I understand you 😮 you have a Trump infecting and destroying your world 😮

        Oh wow … well we just went through hell getting rid of ours and we still aren’t rid of him yet 🤨

        This should be fun on Inauguration Day 🤨🙄 always fricken drama – can not wait for it to be over – that was hell

        So I can understand you. Your sounds just like our Trump – I could describe Trump in your exact words

        You are a doctor… so let me ask you this… you are familiar with mental issues correct?

        What about narcissism? You know it? Cause I see that in Trump … and then his followers … people easily follow a narcissist unless they know what they dealing with.

        So could yours be that way too? Do you see that there?

        I ask because you said he can not accept he is wrong

        Ours can not accept he has lost 🤨

        Ours has done ALOT ALOT ALOT of damage to our country!!! Be careful ❤️

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      • No, we have Narendra Modi.
        In India, Prime Minister is the head of the Nation.
        President is just a symbol.
        This is not mere narcissism.
        This is some weird kind of mental state we have yet not been able to diagnose and quantify.
        Both of them are excellent showmen.
        And bumans use their primitive brain more than their logical one.
        So to them, a person making a lot of fuss seems genuine and the one who is calmly and quietly doing his work seems like an idiot.
        This is not an individuals problem. This is a problem caused by those who refuse to use logic and proper reasoning.
        Our Prime Minister has destroyed the nation in ways beyond comprehension.
        To say the least, he turned the Largest Democracy in the World into Nazi Germany.

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      • What is the term limits on your Prime Minister? 😮😮😮 I just googled … indefinitely as long as president likes him? 😮
        And confidence from India’s lower House of Parliament ?

        Wow you’ve been going through it for awhile now … since 2014?

        That’s hard. I’m sorry. I hope it gets better 🙏

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      • The tenure is 5 years.
        As I said, the bigger problem is those primitive humans who find jokers more interesting than men of peace and calm.
        He won twice.
        2014 and then 2019

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      • I agree!! Completely!

        I am very thrilled to have the calm and peace of Biden over what we had with Trump

        Yes I saw that when I googled … about being elected in both 2014 and 2019.

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      • Hahaha well ya never know… we have our inauguration on January 21st… well Trump has this BIG grand exit planned supposably just to over shadow Biden’s Inauguration 🤨

        Acts like a child when doesn’t get his way 🤨 just like a child.

        Supposably :

        His grand exit includes leaving the White House on Marine One and taking a final flight on Air Force One to Florida for a campaign rally, kicking off a 2024 campaign during the Inauguration. 🤨

        And then you wonder why we have the worst covid issues in the entire world 🤨 … is him. He keeps it going!!! How do people not see that with his stupid rally’s and attention grabbing techniques… He has blood on his hands with this. And he is worried with his fricken vote count – he struggles to accept loss and completely denies it!! Even still!!! He doesn’t worry about lives at all. Is only what is in it for him, what is good for him – that’s it.


        I understand your frustration – I’m sorry.

        It’s almost like a mirror on the other side of the world.

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      • India’s Covid situation is worse. But not testing and believing all is good helps.
        It’s like, closing yoir eyes and believing no one saw you.

        And as for Trump, it’s better if he leaves however he wants. If not, I suppose even he will be dragged out.

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      • Are you bad with covid too? ☹️💔 I’m sorry that sucks too!

        Here we are divided just as we were for the election – some disregard the warnings and others are fanatics with the mask sanitizer and distancing

        We have to be divided with everything 🤨 we have a lot of damage to repair from Trump.

        Our testing and precautions are getting better – way more serious now. Many are falling – now it hits people we actually know…

        But again half listen and heed the warnings and the other half does not

        So we are doomed – all is not good and they need to hurry with this vaccine stuff 🤨 I’m tired of hearing about it – where is it? And that’s still gonna take forever.

        Haha… I would kinda love watching him be dragged out lol … that would be entertaining.

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      • Well Moderna and Pfizer both have a vaccine …

        Modernas, is supposably highly effective (90%?)

        Not sure about Pfizer’s …
        Pfizer’s needs to be kept at a certain temp so that could cause issues?

        We are waiting on approval but they have requested

        Anything will help. I am really tired of so much death and fear.

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      • Awww lol… well what hope do we have? We want something, anything is better than nothing isn’t it?

        What do we do then?

        Would you take a vaccine if they offer you ?

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      • No. And “Anything is not better than nothing”.
        That’s like saying, if there is no water to drink I will make do with hydrogen sulphide.
        It is something but certainly is not better than nothing.

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  3. Wow. So this is how the brainwashing affects the minds of the people wherever they reside? The Great Reset so they call it. Do you really want to go global and say goodbye to all your freedoms? It’s a hoax. Can you not see that? Do you really want to have to wait a year for surgery, even though it is socialistically free, and risk the chance of dying before your turn in line arrives? Do you really want to lose your property and other things you worked so hard for because it goes against the law of equal ownership for all? Don’t you realize in the end you will have nothing? It all belongs to the government?
    And as for the farmers, they work harder than most to produce and provide and to keep our food source alive and thriving. Have you even spent a day with a farmer and observed how essential he is to the health and prosperity of our country? And surely you don’t believe everything you hear from the media who has been paid to read the words written by someone else?
    Our President is the only one I ever knew who didn’t back down to bullies and troublemakers in high places regardless of the consequences. He made good on his promises to the people, eliminated terrorists the others were secretly in cohorts with, improved our economy and power as a world leader, stomped out sex trafficking and other horrible acts of human abuse, upheld our Constitution and freedoms, such as the right to worship and to voice one’s opinions, protect innocent babies from being murdered without caring about their rights as a living soul, dealt with the frustration of having to defend himself against ramped up charges that were false and often for the purpose of damaging his character wrongfully in doing so, and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind! He made America stronger, better, more powerful then any other.
    We’ve all fallen short of the glory of God, but we are not to judge when we can’t even look at ourselves without confessing our unacceptable behavior. People have a change of heart, are born again, and seek only goodness over evil and corruption.
    If you are a true Believer, you will choose biblical values such as the constitution was based on. The opposition is following the lawless spirit and preparing for a complete takeover of the whole world where they will benefit from your losses. Prophecy is being fulfilled, and the signs are kicking down the doors of a new world order that will be worse than you could ever imagine. It seems to me that illiteracy and terrorism is staring us in the face by the people of the Great Reset, and if they succeed, there’s no turning back. This is worst than America on Elm Street. Wake up, folks.

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  4. wow, Kaahsh, there was a lot of strong opinion and strong feelings and opposing viewpoints in all of that… as there seems to be in all aspects of all societies at the moment, like never before. Personally I don’t know what to believe in terms of human opinion and reasoning. I know that God created us, loves us and is on the throne and that one day I come meet God and account for how I have lived my life. As will Modi, Trump, BJ and all the rats that drowned in the Weser. I hear the plight of the farmers and the people and I pray for you all.

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