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The Farmer Conundrum

A certain headline read:

The Centre Miscalculated Farmer Rage And Frustration

And people think the same Centre can calculate the progress of Virus and the efficiency of the so-called “vaccines”. Cute!

As long as the likes of Narendra Modi stay the helm, the country or for that matter, the world will never be able to take the next step towards development.

One should not be worried as much about the farmers at the moment as one should be worried about the fact that they belong to a certain state from which once emerged the likes of Udham Singh and Bhagat Singh; one who traveled to the United Kingdom and shot Reginald Dyer for having led the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre and the other who played a pivotal role in the Nation’s quest for Independence.

I am not saying that one should be afraid of them or any such thing. All I am saying is, it’s certainly not a good idea to piss the people who come from a long line of patriots and also are the reason you happen to have food on your plate.

But then, one can not really expect anything better from a government being led by someone who goes around the world making false, baseless claims, day in and day out.

Although, one should know, after the Empire Struck Back, The Jedi did return and Palpatine and Vader were killed.

No matter how extreme the dark side becomes, there will always be those with whom the force will be strong.

And as for Modi and Shah, well, People do believe in them. Just like people believe in God and Satan and all the things that have no reasonable and factual basis of existence.

And also, like in some country far far away, people believed in an Orange.

There is something wrong with Orange. Such a lonely, pathetic word. The only word that rhymes with orange is sporange which is an old botanical term for “sporangium,” the portion of a fern in which asexual spores are created.


In April 2014, shortly before the national elections that swept him to power, Modi publicly affirmed that he was married and his spouse was Jashodaben; the couple has remained married, but estranged.

Anyway, coming back to the farmers problem.

Once upon a time, India went through a phase known as the Green Revolution. And now, with great help from the highly intellectual Prime Minister, India is experiencing a Green Revolt.

Fascinating how some people have the ability to mess up almost everything.

8 responses to “The Farmer Conundrum”

  1. Yeah! Great point to discuss. In covid situation, instead of listening to farmers govt. put barriers to restrict entering the city. This is something worst. Now how one can think of reduction in covid cases though. It’s quite a shame on our govt. as our farmers only wanted their prospectus to get listened. Alas! everything else is in front of our eyes


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