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The Fascinating Experience

I find the experience of living among such primitive people with brain functions that amount to almost negligible, most fascinating.

Studying the human brain, and for that matter, the entire human kind, is proving to be quite interesting.

People just don’t want to accept the facts based on science, reason and logic. But they jump at every chance to catch hold of all the hoax and rumors that help them ‘FEEL’ better.

Every fact I stated 6 months ago regarding the spread of Coronavirus and how it will increase and affect the people in the coming months was simply ignored using extremely scientific methods known as ‘ Optimism ‘ and ‘ Belief ‘.

No one was ready to accept, at the time, the fact that having cleaner indoor air would help preventing the infection or that the spread of virus will aggravate in all the countries North of the Equator as the winter approaches.

And there were a lot of other ‘FACTS’ too which were completely ignored merely for being optimistic towards the pandemic and for the belief that it will all end soon.

Now, the same facts that I stated months ago are being studied and analyzed in detail.

I am not saying that all of you are imbeciles. I am merely stating another fact that the majority of Human Population is ‘Primitive’!

This pandemic situation has provided me with the best chance of studying the entire Human kind in its natural, primitive state without any filtering. It’s most fascinating!

25 responses to “The Fascinating Experience”

  1. Ever since my star ship crashed landed on this planet I’ve been looking for intelligent life – fifty years later I’m still looking. 😱😎😄


    • I have been looking for the past 1500 years and keep coming across those who believe they are a part of some Superior Race but continue to make Grammatical mistakes like “Crashed Landed”.

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      • Ah… i was walking when i wrote that on my phone and missed that typo – thank you for pointing it out. 😲🤓🤔


  2. And I do not see my assumption infallible. Since, the effrontery of calling people around you or wherever as primitive with their brain functioning almost negligible was really something.


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