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People And The Pandemic

The Covid scare among people is simply fascinating. Months ago, when some of us said that there will be absolutely no cure and no respite from the Virus in the foreseeable future, people mocked us. People were too damn sure that the handful of people (2-3) who understood science were wrong and everyone else, especially the most intellectual specimen of our species; Narendra Modi, Donald Trump, etc. were right.

How about it now? Why are you people so scared of “The Common Cold”?

Vaccines worked! Did they NOT? The pandemic is almost over. Is it NOT?

I am as sure as I was months ago that of all the vaccines that have been and will be developed in the near future, none will work.

If any of them do, it will be for 6 months or 9 at most. After a certain time, you will be susceptible to the SARS-CoV2 virus AGAIN!

And everyone will be affected. Well, at least 70% of the World Population. All one can do is try and lessen the risk as much as one can by taking all the necessary precautions.

But well, no one wants to do that. Right? You shouldn’t worry yourself with all the precautions and those stupid rules and regulations for the Politicians all across the globe have already stated that the pandemic will be over soon and there is nothing to worry.

And to those who ‘believe’ they won’t be affected or even if they are, they will be cured like many already have been, well, NO ONE has been CURED! And you might want to cut down a little on your ‘BELIEFS’.

Anyway, go out and have fun! (while you can)

6 responses to “People And The Pandemic”

  1. While I share your sentiment that people and governments are being reckless in their behaviour, I would like to be optimistic. The world did overcome the Spanish Flu, we can overcome this as well.

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  2. As someone who took all the precautions and still got the virus (today is day 4 of no fever) it is scary because the long term
    effects aren’t known


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