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Fingerprints of String Theory

A team of researchers have announced what they think are the first indirect observations of ancient cosmic strings, bizarre objects thought to have contributed to the arrangement of objects throughout the universe.

Although researchers have not yet directly observed the strings themselves, the team believes they found evidence of them hidden in ancient quasars, enormous black holes that shoot out mighty jets of light and radiation, found at the heart of many galaxies.

The presumed cosmic strings were incredibly narrow, thinner than the diameter of a proton, but so dense that a string less than a mile in length would weigh more than the Earth. As the universe expanded, so too did these strings until they either stretched across the known universe, or into enormous rings thousands of times larger than our galaxy.

Some people, especially those who have absolutely no knowledge about the subject, often question the credibility of String Theory.

Well, all things considered, String Theory is our best bet at the ‘Theory of Everything’.

And while I say how logically sound and perfect String Theory is, you should always know, no one completely understands String Theory. And if you ever come across anyone who tells you that they know what String Theory is all about and know everything about its working and all the principles that follow, pack your stuff and run! Run as fast as you can.

For anyone who claims to completely understand the Principles and Workings of String Theory is lying.

But all our years of research has led us to learn the fact that String Theory is the most probable theory that could help us explain the Multiverse.

Maybe in 11 dimensions or possibly in 26, but it eventually will.

Though, right now, we are not sure about all the evidence gathered as the Strings that were so dense just after the Big Bang, certainly have decayed and don’t provide observational signals anymore.

“The string itself is gone, but you get the magnetic field imprinted in the early universe,” Poltis said.

The detection of a cosmic string would be an important cosmological discovery because of their theorized importance to the formation of galaxies in the early universe.

5 responses to “Fingerprints of String Theory”

  1. Great posts as always.

    I think science will make great leaps in understanding and discovery when we have a paradigm shift into researching non-physical phenomena. In the great words of Tesla “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

    Love to all. Amber. ❤

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  2. I LOVE String Theory! I’ve watched so many documentaries/shows on quantum physics and LOVE when they talk about string theory. Recently they were talking about String Theory and the music of the Universe on ‘Ancient Aliens’. Our tiny minds melted all over the floor. It’s AMAZING!!! I can’t begin to grasp it but just can’t get enough!!! How fun to tumble and not understand! Thank You for this and Cheers!!! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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