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Into The Future

Chapter 18

Everything we saw that day on the 15 eon mark of this Multiverse’ existence threw us both into different directions in order to find, set into motion, or maybe, prevent everything that was about to happen.

I followed every mark, every clue left behind in the infinite loop of time. None of it ever became easy to find. But after being stuck for what felt like a thousand years, in a place where time behaved in wild, irrational ways, I finally found the first piece to my puzzle.

And from the point in time we had witnessed the destruction, if what I was seeing was right and I was completely able to understand it, it meant that the Multiverse had just another 2500 years left before being obliterated and turning into one small, dense mass of infinite matter and energy.

The thought of the entire cosmos shrinking down into one small ball of matter and energy seemed all to fascinating to me. The Cosmos going back to become what it was.

And then I saw the destruction being left behind. Planets, torn apart; Moons, non-existent; stars, all gone red or white or turned into blackhole; all life hanging on the fringes.

And then, I set out to find the reason. I had to know what or who was the cause behind such extreme obliteration of ‘Many Worlds’!

After a long search in that timeless realm, I did find answers. Answers, I didn’t like.

The only reason I had set out in a different direction as compared to her was to let the time flow and the actions of time and space follow their course. It is why I was the Timekeeper. And she had parted ways with me to help and protect the life and energy and prevent the obliteration.

But as I stood in that timeless realm, watching every time, year and place pass before my eyes, I saw them being obliterated and torn apart one by one from the inside.

I knew that only someone who existed beyond space and time had the ability to cause destructution at such a high scale and in that particular way.

Though I wasn’t allowed to see the destroyer of worlds, I did get an idea. More importantly, I found out the exact place where it all began.

And now all I had to do, was to reach the Blue Strand Galaxy, some 250 years in the past to find out the cause and maybe, even the “Destroyer of Worlds”.

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