Excessive Brain Function

Whenever we talk about mental illness or instability, we think about lower brain function, low IQ, inability to comprehend and retain information. No one ever even stops to think for a second that someone might be mentally challenged not by lesser than average brain function but by excessive amounts of the same.

This post is not for the majority of World’s Population. This is for a handful of those who understand what excessive brain function is like.

And when I say Excessive Brain Function, I am not talking about ‘Overthinking’ or ‘Procrastinating’. I am talking about those few tens of people who happen to have a Brain which just cannot stop finding patterns in everything, no matter how trivial.

It is a widely accepted Truth that people who try to overwork their brain, tend to forget important tasks eventually. But we have almost negligible data on those who remember everything and continue to overwork their brain day in, day out.

The problem with such people – There is never one answer to any question. Ad almost no answer is ever right.

The problem with Excessive Brain Function is, no matter how close or even how perfect the solution gets, there will always remain a small gap between the perfection achieved and the ultimate perfection.

These are not the people who try to overwork their brain. These are the people who simply cannot control their brain function. Not because they are incapable or don’t know how, but simply because, after a certain amount of time, it becomes an addiction.

The fascination for finding something hidden under billions of exabytes of data. Being fascinated by the most simple and common facts about life, Universe or anything else and then finding some weird, unknown pattern in them.

The Imagination fascination!

And as everything else, even brain activity which is more or less than it should be is a problem.

But those few tens of people have another problem.

Given the amount of data their brains can process and understand in a day, they know that there is always a chance to find something that is yet not known to anyone else.

So, as much as it may be a problem, it also is something that one just cannot leave behind just because it may lead to eventual degradation of neural pathways.

7 responses to “Excessive Brain Function”

  1. Thank you Kaahsh. We were just discussing some of this material in our guidance classes today that I co-teach with a guidance counselor. It is my good fortune to get to work with all kinds of students (and adults) in the areas of social emotional learning, and mindfulness/meditation. More recently, it has been a blessing to work with students that embody the population that you are referencing in your latest post. They really eat up the brain research, and mindfulness/meditation. Really appreciate your sensitivity to their plight. It is beautiful to see us, in our developmentally delayed culture, paying more purposeful attention to these dynamics. One of the interesting things about cultivating “trauma-informed practice” in our educational approach is the universal applicability behind the science of it. We need it so that we can clear our attachments/addictions. Like you say in your own way, this form of cognition facilitates cultivating new neuronal pathways.


  2. I love what you’ve written here! Thank you for talking about this. I have one question regarding something you wrote. When you wrote:

    “And as everything else, even brain activity which is more or less than it should be is a problem.”

    I’m hung up on the “should be” part. Can you please explain what brain activity should be? I think understanding that would allow me to better grasp the problematic nature of excessive brain function which you described in your post. Thanks for your time!


  3. I’ve meditated for a number of years now and (without sounding too spiritual!) I’ve seen such a huge shift. Can’t really put my finger on it, I’m now better at listening, more content, more aware and just a rounded person. It took time and work though, you can’t walk in a maze and expect to get out any quicker.


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