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Love Amid The Stars

Chapter 16

I became a Black Hole; an object of mass destruction. A place which no matter or energy could escape. And then, she came along. Touched me with billions of terajoules of pure energy and turned into something so beautiful; something that helped billions all across the Multiverse.

She took a Black Hole that destroyed everything and changed it into a Wormhole that helped civilizations travel from one part of the Universe to another.

A wormhole, one end of which existed near a planet where life was still in its infancy. A planet which had just witnessed the first single cell organism on its surface. And on its other end, were a number of different worlds. I became the most sophisticated portal in the cosmos. One which took people from a single point in Time and Space to anywhere in the Multiverse.

And as I saw both matter and energy travel through me for the first time instead of just entering inside me and being stuck with no place to go, I felt a certain exhilaration for a moment. The thought of being not just the creator and destroyer of worlds but also the caretaker was quite fulfilling.

Over the next many centuries, I witnessed people from thousands of different civilizations travel through; I experienced the stars move through me from one point of space to another; all the matter and energy travel to and fro innumerable times.

And all of that put together, led to the evolution and birth of infinite new species all across the cosmos.

And both of us lived amid the stars, as a wormhole for tens of kiloyears.

And over all those years, we became one single entity. We experienced the most beautiful “Love Amid The Stars”.

Our energies intertwined; Our conscious became one and instead of being two different forms of life on each end of the wormhole or at any particular point in space and time, we became one single entity that existed in all the space across the Multiverse and at all times.

We created planets and stars; atmospheres and civilizations; even the galaxies and Universes over all those years. And all it took was nothing but just a thought and her infinite patience and stability.

In a few centuries, She and I became one! We became the most powerful being in the cosmos. The most able creator and destroyer of the Multiverse.

We had one infinitely beautiful and mesmerizing “Love Amid The Stars”.

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10 responses to “Love Amid The Stars”

  1. Intelligence is sexy and has always been! A woman who intrigues and beckons deeper forays into the crevasses of the mind is ya blessings in disguise yet IN PLAIN SIGHT! Hidden? No, she is ya best friend and now wow ya never knew? How sweet, yeah that is ya girlfriend: Intellligence, intellectual and intriguing: A strong WOMAN WITH VIEWS JAJAJA 🙏♒️🐕✅💃🍾💪


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