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The States During Covid-19

With the number of Covid-19 infections increasing ever-so rapidly across the globe, one country continues to stand out among all.

The Great United States of America.

The President is what he is and it has now become a well-established fact for those who can logic and reason that there is hardly an outside chance that there could be any other like him.

All things considered, “How important is an election”?

Important enough to get millions infected?

Well, election is important. But what is not important are those irrational, unnecessary campaign rallies where someone tells you,

“In California, you have a special mask. You cannot, under any circumstances, take it off. You have to eat through the mask. It’s a very complex mechanism. And they don’t realize, those germs, they go through it like nothing. They look at you with that contraption and they say, ‘That’s an easy one. …’ 

I am still trying to understand that “Complex Mechanism”. Not the one associated with the mask, but the the one associated with the person uttering such words. Also, who is writing these speeches for the President? Ponda Baba?

Why is no one stopping him?

It’s astonishing to see how many people still think he is the best President. How? With whom are you people comparing him exactly? Amoeba?

Over a hundred thousand cases in a single day and more than 1000 deaths each day and Trump Jr. thinks that they have managed to get the pandemic “Under Control”.

Do you ever stop to wonder if the better part of US population shares the same distant ancestors as the current President?

If someone believes that he is the best and has done more than expected for the people of his nation, why is there a need to hold such elaborated, never-ending campaign rallies?

On a second thought, it might be just the thing America needs.

All Trump voters might get ‘trumped’ by Covid-19 and end up being unable to vote. That is a mere far-fetched hope considering idiots don’t stop being an idiot all that easily.

6 responses to “The States During Covid-19”

  1. Hopefully the nightmare is over in a few days. I cannot imagine another 4 years of this monster. I cannot imagine the damage he will do unencumbered by the worry for re-election in 2024. I worry for a civil war whichever way this circus plays out.


  2. Considering what the extreme left, which controls the democrats, have planned for this nation – unfortunately – makes Pres. Trump the best choice this time around.


  3. Ya know it can go either way… I have no idea how people can still support Trump?? I am just floored by that!!! Stunned … the only thing I can guess is that they are brainwashed, mental and some are just as clueless as he is.

    I don’t know what is wrong with them!!! Seriously!!! They have to either be brainwashed or insane?

    I don’t understand at all!!! He divides us, we are sooooo umm?? Everything is heated 😳😮 and he keeps pouring gas on the flames

    And check this…

    He supports these awful things, and then he lies, and then he just thinks he’s the greatest. He only cares about himself

    We have an extremely bad, a very dangerous, narcissist for a president.

    I don’t know what else to say… I am scared for Tuesday 🙏🙏🙏 oh please let this go well!!

    I hope everything goes ok… I can’t take another 4 years of him. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with his supporters!!

    If he does win.. you will watch the United States be nothing in 4 more years … he will destroy us.

    Wake up America 🇺🇸 oh please wake up!! 🙏


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