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The Calm Black Hole

Chapter 15

From the moment I saw her, I started seeing everything in an all new way. It was as if I had started learning it all from scratch. As if, I didn’t know anything about the Multiverse and its existence.

The Universes filled with chaos rested ever-so calmly in her deep blue eyes like huge clouds do in the sky. The stars and planets moved around her as if to keep everything else at bay. And she kept all the energy inside her; Energy that would have been more than enough to turn the entire Universe into one Big Black Hole.

She was the silent eye of the storm. She was the extreme calm in chaos. She was the light inside a Black Hole and she was the one who made the cosmos whole.

On the other side, it was I. The utter chaos in sheer calm. I was the creator and the destructor. I was energy that could be the giver and the annihilator of every Universe. I had lived for trillions of years before meeting her. I had spent those eons creating and destroying one planet after another, one civilization and then the next.

I was chaotic inside and wreaked havoc outside. In a blink of an eye, I ripped apart Universes altogether without a thought of the future of the civilizations.

But then, I met her. From that moment on, I became a Black Hole!

I began to understand and assimilate every speck of energy and information in the Cosmos. Inside me, she incited a million emotions; Emotions, I found extremely difficult to understand.

It was love, anger, longing, desire, need, misery and so many more which I don’t even know how to explain.

I became turbulent inside.

But then, her calm held me together. She taught me her serenity and for me, finding her was both, terrible and the most fortunate stroke of Serendipity.

After a millennia of chaos and havoc, I acquired the calm. And I turned into “The Calm Black Hole”.

Still chaotic inside. Fighting and wrestling through all the mayhem my emotions were creating, but on the outside, I became as calm as the distant ocean. My thoughts continued to be extreme, violent and turbulent; but my actions became more gentle, smooth and natural.

I understood the chaos and I embraced the calm.

And with her holding me together, I spent another eternity between the dimensions, as “The Calm Black Hole”.

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