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Life and Death

Humans are so obsessed with the idea of both, life and death. They celebrate the beginning of life and mourn its end. They find new and intriguing ways to define the existence of life each new day and then, they also theorize in infinite new ways, its end.

Some console themselves by adapting to the idea of life after death – The Afterlife. Some simply consider the death of physical body as the beginning of an all new level of consciousness. Some help themselves get through the death of a loved one by accepting and adapting to the idea that the deceased will keep on living in their memories, etc.

All of that seems wonderful and interesting. But the reality is, we are just finding ways to deceive ourselves and keep ourselves from accepting the “ultimate truth”.

Reincarnation is the philosophical or religious concept that an aspect of a living being starts a new life in a different physical body or form after each death. It is also called rebirth or transmigration and is a part of the Saṃsāra doctrine of cyclic existence.

But the idea that one dies and is just reborn is a lie.

Everyone exists is some physical form or another; ultimately dies and then continues to exist as pure energy. And then that energy may turn into some other physical form like a star, or planet or anything else in the Universe.

I am not neglecting the possibility of that pure energy again becoming a human. But that would happen centuries or even millennias later.

Everything exists and then ceases to exist. Everything takes a physical form and then changes back into energy – Pure Energy.

Life is nothing but a lie. Death is the only truth.

Death is the only period in a person’s physical existence when that particular being actually becomes what he or she always has been. Nothing but Energy!

This is just a philosophical view of Death.

Compared to what we know about death, there is at least a Universe worth of information that we don’t.

16 responses to “Life and Death”

  1. My family and I had a chat about the DNR plan. Some admitted they wanted to peacefully rest and not struggle with a low quality of life. I’m not sure how I’ll feel since I’m still young and newly married. At some point, I can say now, that once I go through my emotions, I’ll accept what is. Fussing and fighting for several years is not my cup of tea.


  2. Neither life nor death are absolute truths. Rest and activity are opposites. Death can only happen to the living. If you say that foundation of being is nonbeing it’s not akin to deep sleep. It’s like unconsciousness or swoon. You may postpone it but it does happen to everyone one way or the other: when your gross body and your spirit aren’t working together it’s death. When they’re: it’s life. As simple as that. Death is a taboo because the convulsions of hunger or pain or injury or insecurity exist in the collective consciousness. When you feel them: it’s the whole body going through all of the pain, suffering and torture that has ever been there: therefore the body breaks, shatters and then like a phoenix you regain it.


  3. I work with death 💀… I see all religions and all emotions and all the different ways people and cultures look at death. I see everything.

    They are all so drastically different, yet similar?

    They all have a respect of the loss of life… or a loved one who is now gone… there is respect for how that is cared for and handled and thought of.

    My mom would always say that when we died, everyone we ever truly loved be waiting there to take your hand and comfort you to heaven. lol … is a very beautiful thought and comforting when you lose someone – for the hope to see them again, to have it be NOT so final. For those who can not handle the finality of the situation that helps them accept. But I don’t know 🤨 – in my religion, we have heaven and hell… but my grandfather used to speak of purgatory – which supposably is inhabited by the souls of sinners who are trying to right their wrongs (kind of a tortured souls area) 🙄

    I don’t know. Whatever

    But death is final. You can tell yourself whatever you want – but it is final. Is religion that steps in with beliefs.

    Their existence as others know that person to be, is gone.

    I do not know what occurs, if anything after death. And I see so many different beliefs… so who knows.

    That’s in regards to death though – because I work with that. I work with the ending.

    It’s hard for people to accept an ending.

    For a beginning, that is easier, definitely happier… and no one really looks into or questions a beginning the same way they view and question the ending.

    That right there kinda shows you how hard it is for people to accept such finality. They are willing to believe many things

    With a birth – there is a gain… a hope and a future… but with a death there is a loss, no hope, no future. Time is done.

    The life in between, is what that person makes it to be.

    People tend to believe what they are taught, what they think they know, what they hope for and what is comforting to them

    No one truly knows what might happen after death – if anything. We all have so many different beliefs!!


  4. Dear Khaash, I think some one realises that she loves you from the depth of the ocean to the edge of the cosmic consciousness. Will you be her valentine? Sorry, she was fighting more than an year to escape from the romantic idea she has on you. She adorned her feelings for you with brotherhood. But today, she surrenders to the universe as she immerse in your thoughts. Will you consider her Khaash, as your wholeness? ✨


  5. Love 🪐✨ is ✨God 🌝
    Friendship 🪐✨ is God’s 🌝 gift 🎀
    Love 🪐✨ is Friendship 🪐✨
    Friendship 🪐✨is the purest form of ✨Love🌹✨


  6. Dear Kaahsh, please forgive this insane sister. Please Bro what I felt in a tater of second and scribbled is very immoral. Please, Bro, I am sorry. Love you.


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