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In That Moment

Chapter 14

Never once in my infinite existence had I ever cared for the specific points in time. But at that particular instance, the moment when you walked past me for the first time on a planet so far away in the Multi-Dimensional space, in that moment, I experienced the essence of life, matter, thought and energy; and in that moment, for some reason, everything suddenly started to fall in place.

As I crossed paths with you and looked into your eyes, I sensed a billion changes happening all across the Multiverse; I saw time and actions at speeds far beyond that of light and I felt it all slow down infinitesimally; In that moment, I became every Sun, every Moon, planets and stars; In a blink of an eye, I surfed through all the years of my existence, and traveled through both the known and the unknown ever-so subtly.

In that moment, you and I were nothing but just energy, floating through sub-space, appearing and disappearing; existing at one instance and the next, phasing out of the known without a hint of conscience; In that moment, you and I became much more than just 2 variables in the endless equation; You and I, no matter for how short a moment, became a part of the cosmic constance.

No where to reach, no place to go, we existed for a million years, entangled; our structures, intertwined; our existence, dependent; our existence was no longer futile; but we existed as something, meaning and existence of the Cosmos that defined.

In that moment, I held you close and you held me together; Moving across dimensions and sub-space, encountering plasma storms and gravitational waves; I kept you from being sucked in and destroyed by a Blackhole; and you, you kept me together and made sure I didn’t become one and turned all the particles in existence into my slaves.

And in that same moment, I saw you as the woman that you were; Your long hair colored like a sea, flowing with the wind as the waves on the shore; Your eyes filled with worlds and Universes beyond the known; I closed my eyes and beyond the most enthralling galaxies, I watched you soar.

I saw you live a thousand lives, with me each time; I saw you create a billion galaxies and give life to a trillion worlds; I saw you transform the essence of your thoughts, life, energy and existence to each and every being and I sensed the purity of your actions in all your words.

I saw the stars in your smile, dimensions in your thoughts; I saw the Universes in your eyes, the existence in your talks; I saw every energy in your radiance, I saw the life and death, the stars and the planets; I saw all life from a sub-atomic level to the blackhole in you.

She was not just the most beautiful woman I had ever seen; She was the life itself. She was everything and nothing, both at the same time. The life that existed much before the Big Bang and the life that would continue to exist ever after.

I saw her and saw a trillion lives. I saw her and felt more than I ever had. I looked into her eyes and saw world and Universe beyond my apprehension. I saw the world through her eyes, and I saw much higher dimensions.

In that moment, I experienced life and death; I learnt the true meaning of creation and destruction and most importantly, the existence in between; I saw every energy turn into life and back to its purity; I saw the Multiverse in a way much different to any I had ever seen.

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10 responses to “In That Moment”

  1. I like your writing but the line about making the interstellar particles your SLAVES is a bit troubling given the context of where the USA is presently. I know that you weren’t intentional but an edit may keep your thoughts without the term indicated.🙏🐕♒️😷

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