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In Another Time

Chapter 13

Between millions of different lives on countless different planets and a number of various Universes, living as someone in some form or another, I met trillions of different people. Some, I called my family; Some, friends and some became a much more important part of my existence.

But in all those years and a few lives that I spent as a male Humanoid, it was only once that I met someone as beguiling as ‘Her’.

In all the decades that we spent together, never once did I let anything else matter more; Never once did I stray from my path or maybe, when I found her, I did actually forget everything that I was supposed to be and with her, I simply became something I most needed.

I still remember the first time we met. It was a planet on the outer reaches of ‘The Cartwheel Galaxy’; Hundreds of millions of light years away from the planet I was supposed to reach. I stopped on this planet which seemed to be rather mesmerizing from the far orbit and I just couldn’t let go of the opportunity to know and learn more about its culture, history and heritage.

As I entered the planet, I found an existence of Humanoid life. As I learnt more, I found that they were all evolved beyond a certain point. They were not just humanoids. They were much more than that. They were completely capable of existing as anyone or anything they wanted. They could assume the shape of a humanoid, a plant, a stone or whatever they desired.

In every form, they were capable of being exactly how the actual life-form would be. As humanoids, they had a heart, lungs and every other biological organ. I found a highly evolved species.

And just when I was walking through the streets of that highly evolved planet, surrounded by people, I felt a sudden surge of energy in the entire matrix.

As I looked around, I saw the most beautiful, the most attractive and the most fascinating form of life standing there, in the midst of the crowd, unaffected by everything that was happening around.

A moment ago, I never wanted to be on that planet; A moment later, I couldn’t bring myself to leave.

I had traveled for billions of years before that day. I had traveled across multiple dimensions, numerous Universes and thousands of stars and planets but I had never seen someone as mesmerizing as the woman that, at that particular moment, stood exactly 170 meters away from me.

I never thought that I would look at someone and lose myself billions and trillions of light years away from home. In that moment, that planet seemed to be of far more importance than anything else in the Multiverse. I looked at her for as long as I could see her in that crowd and I just stood at the exact same place I was standing when I first laid my eyes on her.

She was unquestionably the most beautiful life-form I ever encountered. The most beautiful woman in the entire Multiverse.

And with all those thoughts and desires, I couldn’t bring myself to leave the place. So, I stayed and to an extent, one may say, from everything I was supposed to do, I momentarily retired.

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