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The Creation and Obliteration

Chapter 12

I assumed it to be the place where all the dimensions and times converged; But there couldn’t be anything farther from the truth; I was looking at it all wrong; It wasn’t just another place in the cosmos, but it was the beginning and end of everything I knew and understood.

It was the one place at the center of the Universe, moving constantly with the expansion; Hidden between times and dimensions, away from the reach of anyone who tried to find its secret; It was the place in the Multiverse from where all the realities, times and dimensions diverged like branches of a tree; It was the book on the pages of which every probability, possibility, timeline and reality was ecrit.

The place I now called my Home was not just mine to own; It was the beginning and end of every life and every single speck of energy throughout the Multiverse; It was the creation and annihilation of civilizations, planets, moons and stars; It was the place which gave history to every world and rhyme to each verse.

For a moment there, knowing all of that, I experienced a feeling of exasperation; Realizing that it was people like me who were responsible for destruction of complete Galaxies and Universes made me feel nauseated; Even though I had come back home after trillions of years; It was one such moment in which, everything about me, my people and my home, I hated.

The next moment, I began to reason and logic the need of every event; I started to understand how the destruction was important in order for us to give new life to the Multiverse; I realized that they were both different sides of the same coin; A coin which we were tossing each day to decide the fate of one or the other Universe.

How simple things seemed to be for me; It was like the entire Cosmos was nothing but just a game of chance with just two probabilities; Each day someone survived a flip and someone rolled under; In spite of the fact that there were billions and trillions of ways things could go on for the people on those worlds and in those Universes, from my point of view, things were too basic and binary with the entire Universe’s fate riding on two possibilities.

We created energy and life, the way we liked; Humanoids, Plants, Bacteria, Virus… every form of organic and inorganic life was thrown out into the ever-expanding Multiverse from that one single place; And then, after being obliterated someday; all of them were brought back in the form of pure energy to their birthplace.

I started to remember the millennias I had spent there, creating and destroying one life after another; I remembered every single moment of floating across Universes as a speck of pure energy; I recollected all the moments I spent building civilizations and then obliterating them after they had lived their centuries; I remembered breaking the worlds apart and ending civilizations with causes as simple as anergy.

I had understood and discovered my existence; But still, there were a few questions left to be answered and mysteries to be unraveled; The most important one of them being the reason why I left home for trillions of years, moving across the Multiverse; Why, from one Universe to another, one star to the other, endlessly, I traveled!

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One response to “The Creation and Obliteration”

  1. Perfect blending of metaphysics and cosmos. The singularity and the energy, time and space dimension related with it. just loved to go through this series. And may not understand fully of it but tried it. Thank you for sharing it Kaahsh.


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