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Lost in the Conscious

Chapter 11

Standing there, looking at myself and the Universe fold and unfold in the mirror; Away and unconscious of the one place I could call ‘Home’; I witnessed lifetimes, and more than enough Universes to be so curious and anxious; Straying away from my known reality of that moment, I found myself “Lost in the Conscious”.

In the blink of an eye it seemed to me as if my existence had changed; I felt like I was suddenly in a place where no known laws of Physics worked the way they should; I was in a place so unknown and alien to me; Still, it was so calming and familiar that I wouldn’t have left even if I could.

For some reason I felt as if I knew that place; Infinite pieces of puzzle, scattered across Spacetime, all lying in front me in one place, somehow; It was a place where all the dimensions and Universes converged into one single point; It was the past, present, future with every point of space, staring me in the face, here and now.

My body was floating across the Universe; There was no pain, no suffering, no loud noises… nothing; It was decorated with the most beautiful of flowers, the shiniest and purest diamonds and the most enchanting moons and stars; It was a mesmerizing place in the center of nothingness, devoid of absolutely nothing!

My conscious kept taking my body deeper into the place; Stars and moons traveled past me a thousand times, some so close that their sounds seemed to rip my ears; And finally, I reached a place where all life and death seemed to begin and end; And I felt a sense of belonging, one which I had never felt in a trillion years.

Just when I was exploring the place that made me feel at home; I saw another corporeal being moving towards me, being carried by his conscious; As he arrived and stopped right beside me, I turned and saw myself; both of us saw each other with a hundred questions… looking for answers, anxious and curious.

I finally found Home! It was certainly the place I had spent lifetimes looking for, moving from one part of the Universe to another; Living as a humanoid, a plant or any other living being needed; The place, to find which, I had destroyed a million worlds and Universe; In search of which, I had killed, died, begged and pleaded.

I was finally home. I was finally in the place where I originated from. The place that created me, or the place which I created, I still didn’t know. All that mattered in that moment was the fact that I had returned after a trillion years of travel and experience of being with and living as thousands of different life forms.

Being home, I started looking for more answers, more truth; I still had a lot to learn about myself and everyone like me; I still had to go out and save millions of worlds and universes and stop all the deaths I caused; I still had to learn my reality and find my reason to be.

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Chapter 10 Search For Home

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