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Don’t Love!

Every one wants love. Every one wants to be loved. Every one wants to love someone. Love is an integral part of our lives. How many of you imagine a life without love? How many of you wish to have a life devoid of love? I assume, no one.

At some point or another, Everyone experiences these feelings of unimaginable desire and want, this untethered connection with one particular person. But how many are lucky enough to have that for their entire life? A few!

I know it is just a lot to ask anyone not to love. Love isn’t something that you choose to do. It is this involuntary action. As involuntary as the beating of your heart. No one has the power to control it according to their will.

I won’t ask you to not love anyone. But I will ask you to know when to leave. It’s not necessary that the person you love will love you back. Or even if they do, it’s not necessary that your love will be fulfilled. I mean, come on, How often does that happen?

Personally, my take on the subject is somewhat foggy. Rather, completely foggy. From the point where I am standing, Love is the most beautiful thing that could happen to a person and yet something that is capable of creating tonnes of havoc.

I would tell everyone to never fall in love. Don’t do that. But then, who is to say that I am a trustable source.

Maybe, I am. Maybe, I am not. Or maybe, I am just confused and have no idea what to tell you or what to do with myself. Maybe…

25 responses to “Don’t Love!”

  1. Yeah.. well… I am full of love but guarded with men – went through abusive marriage and ya know just don’t trust.

    But then on the same lines, I want life to just happen so… if that man comes then I want it to just happen.

    I’ll know this time. I know what I want. So not closed – just not open to everyone.

    If happens great… if not – I’m still happy- I would just like someone to laugh and share life with.

    Also… one thing I believe is that “life happens” so things will come, and things will happen… you just never know what’s around that corner. ✌️

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  2. Love is hard to explain.. Everyone things it just a feeling a chemical play in brain… But the truth is it’s a complicated puzzle complicated enough to confuse the creator himself. Even the best have never found a way to talk it out properly.. I think love is the best feeling.. Maybe it not but it’s not something that comes and goes like anything else. If hit it hurts or gives heaven
    All I say is do love but expect the unexpected.. Maybe my words may confuse because it’s love we are talking here.

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    • Well, even if it weren’t about love, I still would have found it hard to understand your words.
      I mean, I can’t even tell if it’s just your Grammar that is annoying or the whole idea of you trying your hand at English Language.

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  3. This resonated with me since I am going through a heartbreak right now…I too believe that love does exist but in most cases, its just not meant to be. It never lasts long. I would prefer being friends with someone more than falling in love now.

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  4. Well, I have loved, I have been loved and the best that mutual love. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world. I don’t look for it like I used to. I’m ok with being alone. Yes it hurts, hurts a lot when broken, but still to me it’s worth those beautiful moments. I hope I have the chance to come across that type of love in my life again someday, until then, I try to find happiness elsewhere. ♥️

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  5. Thanks for sharing this. Sorry i missed your previous pieces. Will read them for sure.

    My current take on this – while it can, be a very difficult puzzle to solve, and even if it sometimes (or Many Times!!!) HURTS, allowing yourself to LOVE and be LOVED is totally WORTH the rollercoaster ride – no regrets in puzzling about FOR love.

    It can feel GREAT too – just to feel those crazy sparks and butterflies every now and then, the dreams, the fears, the tears, the joy, the pleasure, the calm too. The intensity and shades of those sparks and butterflies may evolve, fluctuate, change their tinctures or shades, depth or terseness, over time. That is what being open to love, creatively, and allowing yourself to get hurt, involves.

    Better too if you leave some pieces unplaced, misplaced, or take the time to (self)observe and co-share the myriad of ideas, feelings and thoughts that the view of an almost complete puzzle can trigger in mind, heart and soul.

    The power, AND responsibility of interpretation are important here too.
    And the openness to dialogue.
    And to compromise.
    To reaching a middle ground.

    That’s what joining forces in effective battle entails, does it not? At the end of the day, I think (I exist! but I also have doubts) that we are both, all, on the same side.

    Last words of unwisdom. love might be more fun for some when triggered by a sexy brainy feeling riddle or muddle. But it is NOT. A “pure” puzzle.

    Cause love is not really a puzzle, it just is. That is the beauty of love on Earth.

    In my humble slightly hippy view. Of course. One is too heterodox even for this.

    Oh. and don’t you dare kill the chemistry. that’s part of the spice.

    Have a great & soulful day and allow yourself to love and be loved.


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  6. “Love is the most beautiful thing that could happen to a person and yet something that is capable of creating tonnes of havoc.” :- beautiful lines.

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  7. All love ends in pain. That is a fact. Total requited love is the most wonderful feeling any two people can experience, unfortunately one of the most rare. However, even a couple who are lucky enough to spend an entire requited life together from youth to death will experience some type of pain, because one will leave before the other. And the pain is always equal to the love. Thank you God for that pain.


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