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India’s Response to Rapes

Just the other day, I happened to overhear a journalist shouting over yet another act of rape that was recently committed in Hathras, Lucknow.

I have no interest whatsoever in the morality or immorality of the act and nor am I going to give any reasons as to what I think it is and why.

That is a debate India has been trying to justify and argue over for decades and neither has nor will ever be able to resolve the issues.

My problem is completely different. The context of my problem is “The Mindset”.

Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi arrested on way to meet Indian rape victim’s family

My problem isn’t that they were arrested.

My problem is that a woman (the journalist) was trying to justify how Rahul Gandhi was completely and absolutely wrong to try and go visit the family of the rape victim.

My problem is that in India, rape isn’t considered a crime but a “Political Salvage Ground”.

Her conclusion was based on an idea that Rahul didn’t go and visit the rape victim in some other state a few days ago but took time to visit the victim in UP because it is a BJP governed state.

Now, the problem!

The mindset of Indians is so miserable, primitive and illogical, that they have to find the worse side of every thing a Non-BJP person does and live according to the dreamland Narendra Modi and his people have created for the nation.

No matter for what reason Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi were visiting the family of the rape victim, I am quite sure it would have made no difference in the governance of Uttar Pradesh.

Even if one accepts that there was a political agenda, which there always is, they wouldn’t have visited the family and established their government in the state.

Everyone has an agenda. If you start detaining and arresting people for having an agenda, I am afraid that by tomorrow morning there will be no Prime Minister, President, MLA, MP, Police Personnel or any civilian left.

Police in Uttar Pradesh say former Congress party leader and politician sister were detained to prevent violence

Have you ever looked at Rahul Gandhi?

It’s strange how a nation that can accept a person like Narendra Modi as its Prime Minister and has no problems with MPs like Pragya Thakur, tends to be afraid of Rahul Gandhi.

India’s response to rapes has and will always be “Politics”.

Dear Prime Minister and everyone else,

There is absolutely no use of trying to display how you imagine to build a new India when you can’t even handle one problem that affects about 48% of your country’s population.

And the naive people of India believe that somehow, Narendra Modi will protect them from SARS-CoV2.

Quite Fascinating!

There is only one thing this government can prevent you from: Facing Reality!

P.S. There were 3: Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru. Indians never really moved past Mizaru!
And also, Gandhi played quite a trick. There were supposed to be 4. Fourth was shown as the one covering his genitals which meant “Do No Evil” or “Hide Your Pleasures”.

I assume that’s the kind of nation you get when Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is the Father of your nation.

10 responses to “India’s Response to Rapes”

  1. I have liked this post but don’t ‘like’ it though I’m true essence. There is nothing to like about rape of woman, man, child, transgender… but at least you are trying to highlight the virus in the minds who do it

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  2. It will not surprise you that I have not heard of this case, but I can say that in the UK, there are very few prosecutions for rape. Cases rest on the issue of consent, and juries are reluctant to deprive somebody of their freedom when it often boils down to “his word against her’s”. Because of these low conviction rates, the state is, in turn, reluctant to invest in cases where it has a slim chance of winning. It is a vicious circle.

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  3. It’s true and extremely sad to accept the fact that Indians take Rahul Gandhi as a joke. India would be a much better country if both major parties BJP and Congress would stop throwing stones at each other whenever Indians need them.


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