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Search For Home

Chapter 10

I have had people I knew; I have been around for trillions of years, changing from one form to another; All this while I have never known the way to my home; I have never known if, like me, there exists any other.

I have traveled between dimensions; I have traversed every Universe, every world… walked from places like Siberia to Rome; I have never found anyone who saw the world the way I did; I have grown old a million times in my “Search For Home”.

It has been quite a challenge to exist the way I have; Knowing so much, understanding the unexplained realms so deeply; And never having the chance to discuss the possibilities of existence; On trying to do so every time; being ignored completely.

Finding someone who would understand the turmoil; The errors and flaws in the fabric of Spacetime; It has been quite difficult to find someone like me; Someone who could talk about the destruction of Civilizations beyond one single lifetime.

Looking from one quadrant of the Universe to another; I have tried so hard to find a place to which I belong; I haven’t even known what to look for; I have been all alone for so long.

I met millions of people across lifetimes; Thousands shared my thoughts to some extent; Trillions considered me a curse to their world; They interpreted my words in ways I never meant.

For I have always been the one deriving thoughts from logic; And people never saw past my words beyond what they wanted; They understood what they wished to understand, without any reason or context; And always, in some irrational way, to me, they responded.

I was cast out of numerous primitive worlds; I was left to rot on the fringes of existence; I was sent to places without any trace of life; All I was ever offered by everyone I came across was nothing but resistance.

A resistance against my thoughts; Resistance against my abilities; Those primitive humanoids and many others feared my logic; Instead of trying to understand and use to their benefit; All of them tried to hinder my capabilities.

And I was far out of my own control; Beyond my senses and unaware of my thoughts which I should have resisted; Between my “Search For Home” and being thrown out of a million worlds; I built walls and created realities wondering if none of them ever existed; All of that led to retro-causal destruction of one civilization after another; Leading to my perception of dreams, realities and thoughts being twisted.

My Search For Home never ended; I kept looking for a place to call mine; I kept questioning every snap and looking for answers in every atom; I spent lifetimes looking for facts within me and outside to finally be able to define.

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5 responses to “Search For Home”

  1. Sadah this work is beautiful the universes travelled talking to the anscesstoral line
    I wonder would you consider sending your works to be showcased on website (please check for authenticity) ? All rights reserved to the author who’s written their works; it’s free as I am illustrating we each have our own unique writing styles akin to how we are each unique…
    If not not a problem I love the philosophical undertone throughout this work thank you for sharing always remember you matter x

    Liked by 1 person

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