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Different Space

We live in a world that is governed by time. Our world has quite a few different time zones.

So if one looks at it from an imaginative point of view, one might be able to suggest that we live in different times, simultaneously.

For someone, the time at which the Earthquake hit a particular city would be 10 A.M and for someone it would be 10 P.M. One Earthquake – One City – Different Times.

In such a small world like ours, time varies from one place to another. Imagine how it would be like beyond our world; and more so, beyond our solar system; somewhere deep in the interstellar space.


Imagining the length of variation in time in our 3 dimensional space is fascinating. But when you consider space to be 10 dimensional with higher dimensions and pocket dimensions in between, and a quantum point where all the Universes and Realities meet… imagine the possibilities of variation in the passage and existence of time from one point in space to another!

We consider time and space to be two different objects!

What if I tell you, they are not.

Space and time are not different. Space and time don’t exist separately from each other.

Space is time and Time is space.

One single infinite loop with quantum fluctuations, dents and gaps, continuously flowing and forming new pockets and fields in every reality.

There are infinite different space and infinite different times as we perceive them. But on the base level, space and time exist, completely dependent on each other, as one single entity.

We have managed to somehow separate one from the other as we have learnt to perceive the passage of time gradually.

But our brains have still not developed enough to realize and understand the passage of space in its true sense.

Theoretically speaking, there is one time and one space which move together continuously, in a never ending loop, in dimensions that we perceive and those beyond.

There are no different times and no different space.

Just Time and Space: Some within our perception and understanding, Some beyond!

13 responses to “Different Space”

  1. This both delights me and fascinates me lol… it’s really cool that you are 12 hours ahead of me… it must be 9:30pm for you right now lol… But I have a question…

    So here on earth we all have different time zones… which I know and understand…

    What trips me up is… gravitational time dilation and relative velocity time dilation …

    So if I took off in a space ship going really fast away from earth… I’m going to age slower than those on earth? The body itself would age slower? Is that right? Can that actually slow aging process?

    And then is it true… if you live on a mountain time is faster? But if you at sea level it is slower?

    So gravity? And then also the speed at which you move?

    Yeah all that together is crazy to think of!! 😮

    Very cool and perplex!!

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    • Higher the gravity, more space distorts the fabric and slower the time moves.

      Space is a vaccum. If you are on a ship, moving as fast as light, the time will virtually almost cease to exist for you as compared to those who are not moving at those speeds.

      Liked by 1 person

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