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Finding God

Let’s begin with a quote:

Assi labhde firde haan uss nu
Jihda pata tan dassda koi ni
Aithe bandeyan de rabb bohte ne
Par rabb da banda koi ni


We keep trying to find him
The one who is somewhere no one knows
Man has made countless gods here
But there is still no “Man of God” here.

People keep running from one place to another; one temple, one mosque, one church to another; spending their entire lives in search of god. But does anyone find him? No!

Because the truth is: No one knows where he is.

And the another truth is: He is inside you. How can you run into temples and mosques and try to find him in the books and scriptures while he is inside you all along?

There are no ‘Men of God’ here. There are just countless number of gods. Gods made by man.

People say god created the man. No. It was the man who created god.

The first time ancient humans lit fire using stones, they created the fire god! And so on, and so forth.

Our problem: We don’t want to find the actual meaning of god because we are afraid!

We have built this invisible shield around us and named it god. We are scared of what will happen the day we overcome this shield. The day we outgrow our present structures.

There are no men here who follow the path god wanted. No! There are people who devise their own different theories and scare people in their own different ways in the names of “Multiple Gods” who certainly will never do something good or bad to you if you don’t comply.

And even if you do, your compliance won’t be rewarded.

The only kind of god I know that works on the concept of compliance is Hydra!

Theogony 313:

According to Greek Mythology, he was a serpent-like monster.
Cut off one Hydra head, two more would grow back in its place.

You want to praise a monster-like serpent?

14 responses to “Finding God”

  1. You gave latest name to fire. It is nameless. Lao Tzu said it cannot be given any name. It is an experience. That ‘aha’ moment in your life, it comes when God touches you, and you as experiencer, are not there in that moment? Call it orgasm of making love. Call it fragrance that you smell and goes so deep that for a moment you become the fragrance itself.


      • There can be no set of rules or path laid down by God because every human being is unique creation of God. So whatever a person do with clear intent, being involved with totality is the path laid down by God for him/her. Every person is like a bird, who has neither to follow other nor leave a footprint. Ultimate freedom every person already is by default, just your freedom should not hamper/restrict other’s freedom. To keep control on people society lay down set of rules called laws now. Earlier religious books were amended like constitution now a days to suit their needs. We have to live in society also, so need to follow latest rules.
        My experience says that whatever I gained in spiritual path is due to my sincerity, totality and honesty. It is you in the making in this world and after 50 years you need to carry with you the ‘Your statue’ you carved over the period of time. No one commits a sin or good deed, they dissolve/evaporates on its own on just by accepting yourself with all your weaknesses etc as you are and by removing all false masks that society taught you to wear the journey begins.


      • Yes, I meditated on your blog and you seems to strike rightly at Snake as God but it is not Hydra. Chinese people’s dragon and ancient ‘wisdom snake’ of Egypt.


      • I am not opposing you. Just correcting so that you get another perspective. No blogger can justify that they are true. It is just our opinion, you dislike it then throw it to dustbin.
        You need to check every person on this planet before. You can say like ‘perhaps’ or there may be few people.


  2. If man made God, who made man?

    Before you say Big Bang…take a moment to think about what caused that “bang”. And before you say “energy”, think about what created that energy.

    Think. Think. Think.


  3. At work today… there was a woman who called and wanted us to do something that was completely out of our hands … we had no control at all… is just how the situation was…

    But she kept saying … I pray for you, I pray to god… god will do this for me… over and over she begged and said that

    Uhhh how is that working for you? Cause it did absolutely nothing. Used in the wrong way. That is not how it works

    But she went on and on with it. Our hands were tied… we always do everything we can for our families – but god does not help us get things done like that… you can pray all you want – doesn’t change the reality.

    And if people do believe in god – that’s just not how it works

    To each their own belief – whatever


  4. This is an interesting take and expression Kaahsh. First, that Hydra story is so intriguing, Hercules employed the help of his cousin to really defeat that beast for good!

    Second, I agree with you. We humans made many gods however, there are Gods we follow based on the religion we find or are born into.


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