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Deleting A File From The Internet

Sometimes, some people get in a psotion where they feel the need to delete a certain file from the intenet, they once uploaded.

To be honest, you can’t.

Once you have uploaded something to the internet, it stays there. Not always on the bright, sunny side of the internet, but it surely exists somewhere in the shadows.

Any file that is uploaded to the internet, follows a certain path before finally appearing in the place to which it was uploaded.

From your device, the file goes to the router hub; form whereit goes to thedesignated server; and finally reaches the internet.

Internet doesn’t store anything. It is just a means of distribution.

Servers store data.

When you delete a certain file from the internet, it gets deleted from the server but a copy of the file remains for a few days, accessible only if someone really tries to acquire it.

Also, a thing that most people don’t know is, a shadow copy of your file remains on the router hub for months.

And router hubs are comparatively easy to access and get into compared to a server run by, say, Google or Facebook.

Also, there is no actual way to know if all the websites you upload your data to, aren’t keeping a copy of it.

So that’s something you really can’t do anything about.

So, next time you upload something, know that it might not get deleted when you press the ‘delete’ button.

And although no one might try to access it, but you never know.

P.S. What happens can’t be changed!

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