Trump Hints at Covid Vaccine ‘Bazinga’

Out of many things that I find fascinating, Donald Trump and ‘Times of India’ are among the category of ‘Most Fascinating Stuff’.

While the Great United States of America continues to have no idea about what’s happening and what needs to be done, and after China stole the research for the vaccine from the US, the great Donald Trump and his elite staff have somehow managed to develop a vaccine which will be available by next month.

And ‘Times of India’. Well… I don’t know what to say.

Trump is a highly intellectual person, we know that fact. He is the only one who can afford to give “Surprises” in spite of having no idea what is what!

Times of India is in the same league. I mean, they can’t even think of a title for their article which is why they have to copy-paste it from livemint!

Anyway, as for the surprise.

10 days ago, US had no clue whatsoever. Today, Uncle Trump has a vaccine is his back-pocket. And people say that Trump is an imbecile.

Oh! Wait. It was me. I said that Trump is an imbecile.

The Great Contradiction!

Contradictions and Confusions aside; People, Celebrate!

The Vaccine Has Been Developed. AGAIN!

And this will cure the infection and make everything better. The same way HCQ did 6 months ago. Remember?

P.S. All is Well!

10 responses to “Trump Hints at Covid Vaccine ‘Bazinga’”

  1. Lol… loved this!

    A lot of books have come out and ARE coming recently about Trump…

    Oh you should see them… tons of them…

    The number 1 top selling book at this moment is a book by Michael Cohen (he’s just as dirty though) his former personal attorney from 2006 until 2018

    Trumps niece wrote a inside look at who he is. That book is called
    Too much is never enough; how my family created the worlds most dangerous man

    There are many. Most tell about how horrible he is. Or what he pulls that we don’t know – “tell all” books

    Anyway loved this post!!

    And I am not familiar with “The Times of India” I googled – just news?

    News outlets are always biased – they can’t report and remove their own feelings or agendas

    Sadly that’s the information people get.

    Anyway those books are interesting. ✌️


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