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The Saviour

Chapter 4

It was no co-incidence that the debris flew past me; It was no miracle or a reward for my good behaviour; I wasn’t saved by chance or by something that happened to break the loop of time; I was saved on purpose by an unrealistic man, The Saviour.

There was a mysterious sense to him; For some reason, I felt connected; I could listen to his thoughts and analyze his emotions; Somehow, I could feel as if all my lives were being projected.

In the next few minutes, I saw thousands of lives and thousands of deaths, all at once; I saw myself dying at the very same place over and over again; I saw the moment that led to The Night of Thousand Tears; And I saw how, in every single life, I was the one who initiated The Thousand Days of Pain.

All my fears came to life; And I could feel that he saw those lives too; But for some reason, unknown to me; I couldn’t see him in any place with any color, red or blue.

I could sense he had lived more lives than me; But I couldn’t look through into even a single one of them; All I could see when I tried; Was a sparkling reflection of something like that of a Sirius Gem.

Seeing someone much older than me; Someone who had lived more lives; For me, it was weird; Maybe, a blessing in disguise.

I wanted to ask questions; I wanted to know why I was saved and about his existence; I wanted to know about the planet and the system; But I also needed his assistance.

As I was thinking, he had already sensed my dilemma; He told me why I was saved and brought back from the beyond; He told me the name of the planet; he told me that we were in the system of Kayond.

I was still a bit confused; For, to the reason he stated, I didn’t know how to react; I no longer knew who I was; Suddenly, my whole life started to seem like an act.

Chapter 1 The Night of Thousand Tears

Chapter 2 A Thousand Days of Pain

Chapter 3 Into The Past

Chapter 5 Facing The Truth

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