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Is God Everywhere?

This is a question over which I have often spent hours pondering.

Context: It is said that God is omnipresent. There is no place to which God’s knowledge and power do not extend. It is related to the concept of ubiquity, the ability to be everywhere or in many places at once. This includes unlimited temporal presence.

Question: If God is everywhere, why do we build Temples, Churches, Mosques and other places of worship with some stupid idols which are also created by humans?

Why, when one wants to pray, does that person go to a place of worship when God is present everywhere and in everyone and that person could have just offered his prayer while being where he was and continuing his work?

Considering God is in everyone, you can even kneel before me and worship me.

Why go and kneel before a lifeless thing when you can worship someone who would actually answer back?

Or if you feel uncomfortable kneeling before me, you can worship a dog, a wall, or anything that you like.

Why spend millions and billions of dollars building those unnecessary places of worship for someone who exists everywhere and in everyone irrespective of the surroundings?

How does that not seem completely absurd to you?

Why not spend that money for something more meaningful or maybe for building homes for those who live on the streets and feed those who die of hunger?

Given that God is in everyone, how can you let “God” sleep on the streets and eat out of trash cans?

24 responses to “Is God Everywhere?”

  1. God is too big to be in a narrow-minded human heart.

    People who believe in God will put God’s words in their hearts and minds. Not “God in everywhere”

    a place of worship only as a facility. For a Muslim like me, I can pray everywhere as long as the place is clean according to the provisions.

    If you believe that the universe was created by itself without being created and arranged, then think again, why your heart can beat thousands of times every day? why does the sun always rise from the east? why does the planet have an axis?

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  2. Well the answer is simple. You need an idol to concentrate as not many are capable of praying to an object or so which is unknown. Additionally, the idols say in temples are built with Panchalogam, basically five metals which has the capability to absorb the negative energy when you visit a temple. That is why visit to temple is important, plus reciting slokas.verses is all sound vibrations which emit positive vibes. That is why it is advised for mass prayers. However, to be convinced or not or to follow one’s way of worship is not wrong

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      • Why are those stupid rituals necessary?
        God is everywhere.
        He exists in stones and the soil, the dust and garbage, the air and every thing else.
        If he is everywhere, then you better start performing rituals on everything invluding garbage.
        Or the other option is, he isn’t anywhere.

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      • God is everywhere. is the truth and yes if he is everywhere we should perform the rituals everywhere as you say, but does it make sense for me to convey to you in a particular language if you do not understand it? SO the basic requirement there is that you should know the language right? Similarly doing a ritual when the other object does not have the basic things to radiate the benefit of it then what is the whole point of doing it?


  3. Qaasid, you are right as far as my personal experience about God or no-God or call it ‘self’. 1) God is not in Temples, Mosques, Churches etc.
    2) There were mystics who prayed Milestone and burned wooden Buddha statue night before to safeguard himself from chilling cold. Yes, God can be prayed in garbage provided you can see it there. The fault is not in God but in our inability to see or his inability to present himself to you. Exact answer to this question is nearly impossible because it is like ‘Hen and egg’ puzzle. Still I will try.
    First question that comes to my mind is ‘Why God(Qaasid) is challenging itself?’ Meditate over it.

    God or ‘self’ or consciousness is eternal, constant, present and infinite. So you too have all these qualities provided 1) you
    can remain in present moment, because for God or self there is no past or future. He is in present from eternity to eternity or timelessness.
    2) Kabir said :प्रेम गली अति सांकरी, जा में दो ना समाय। means if you-as ego or doer-are present in subtlest form ‘self’ or God’ could not be ‘seen’. Yes it is true that the experience happens on its own through eyes only.
    To remain in present moment you can only practice meditation. Your work or your yearning for thinking or your love all these can be done meditatively then their very nature changes in long run and one day in a moment when you become egoless then that ‘seeing’ happens. Then transformation happens in a moment and you are not the same person again for eternity because you have tasted timelessness within the framework of time. Then and only then you will be able to see God everywhere, no no you will see God in everything first then you see that thing.
    My favourite meditation is as below link. I practiced it during brushing my teeth fully aware about feeling of movement of brush, sensation of paste and slowly -slowly started remaining present in one activity in a day. In 30 years it engrossed my all activities.

    With lots of blessings to all.

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  4. God is simply a term derived by few autocrats to control common man in society since ages. And by associating the feature of omnipresence with God, they can easily manipulate the innocent minds that they are being monitored continuously. The institutions that promote God in various forms & names want to show off power and their control over people by building structures for glory. While worshiping might give some mental satisfaction, I strongly believe display of compassion towards everyone & Humanity is the only path to attain peace from within

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  5. This is really thought provoking! If God is everywhere, why isn’t God in a temple, or a church or a mosque or any such place of worship?
    Why isn’t there God in the idol?
    The omnipresent God is inaccessible to us, so God(directly or indirectly) gave us methods to reach him. Through love, through devotion, through prayers, through spi-rituals( meaning rituals done in the correct spirit and understanding!).
    God has given us a free will, so we can choose to believe or doubt, accept or not. But the consequence of what we do, await us.
    Consider these Godly places like institutions where one can find the suitable method, guide and a process to reach God. And as practicality goes, some institutes are good, while some are not so efficient, and some are even bogus.
    And as the analogy goes, the reputation of the institute also depends on the students who are in it. One has to first be a sincere seeker then one can be guided. there are multiple factors involved, the philosophy, the teachers, the infrastructure, and ultimately the talent and the sincerity of the student.

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