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Why India Is The Greatest Country

There are many reasons why India is the greatest country. There are many factors that make India the best nation. Let’s talk about a few.

The number of Covid-19 infections is growing ever-so-rapidly; the GDP is pouring down as if a cloud had burst; the entire country is in a state more pathetic than it ever was; China has almost declared war!

While all of that is happening, Government is busy banning apps; explaining how the entire Covid-19 infection is just a flu and people shouldn’t worry; and the Post Covid India will be a dream come true. And the media is busy theorizing how a bollywood actress ‘Riya Chakraborty’ and a few others killed ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’.

The news about a hypothetical murder is more important than the one about the increasing Indo-China border tension and the diminishing GDP that has all the potential to lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths.

It requires an unimaginable amount of greatness to ignore everything important and focus on the most trivial and imaginary stuff.

Not everyone can accomplish this level of sheer, unblemished greatness.

Somehow, people find the time and courage to question and bring to light, things that, if compared to the current situation, hold no importance whatsoever.

And the best part is, the government, people and media believe they have made no mistake.

It’s like, Sy Snootles is running the government and the entire media is crazy about Dooku while Palpatine and Vader destroy everything and everyone except Yoda has no clue about what the hell is happening.

P.S. If no mistake you have made, losing you are. A different game you should play.

60 responses to “Why India Is The Greatest Country”

  1. Riya’s punishment and justice to Sushant makes the Bharat Mahan.
    Covid-19 is not a threat , we will build a temple of Corona devi, She will save us from cough, cold and flu, Cuz she is a sis to my mom.

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  2. The saddest part is that no one, amongst a nation comprising 1.35 billion people, is ready to take responsibility and accept their fault as a citizen. Blaming others or simply ‘fate’ is the current modus operandi that needs to be changed ASAP!

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    • Well, the thing about doing the right thing is, it requires the hardest wills.
      And if there is ever a talk about taking credit for being right, let me know, I don’t want these imbeciles to take it away from me.

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  3. It’s worrying that covid is so bad in India, and if as you say, people are ignoring the obvious it doesn’t bode well. But why? is this trend normal?

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  4. I really enjoyed your article. Yes the sarcasm is on point. I read it to find out why the BEST. You see India has been my land of dreams. I went there for Buddhist pilgrimage and to study Mohiniattam and Rajasthani gypsy dancing years ago. I loved it but was ignorant of all the problems. So your article was an education and I looked up and researched the points you brought up. I was feeling sad for my country but when I read Why India is the greatest… made me even more sad. Wish I could just go to sleep and wake up to a brighter world.

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  5. America isn’t much greater… we have the highest death rate.

    And the things this will do to you even if you live … yet we still reopen things that will infect

    We are also busy banning apps and we have riots cause none of us can get along 🤨

    I fricken need an island by myself lol

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  6. Indeed its horribly disturbing. With crimes increasing, media is hardly covering anything important. All it contains is appreciation for the government. Look at the innocent people dying in the name of religion everyday. And our government is like……..🙈🙉🙊

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  7. I read your blog with the hope of some intelligent discourse because you had some interesting topics, but all you give are sarcastic remarks and abuse. This isn’t Facebook you know. I won’t follow your site any more so good luck with it.

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  8. I find it totally one-sided article. As if a person is paid to paint a negative picture. Covid is covered constantly in news and awareness campaigns are running side by side. Despite being the second largest population the death rate is kept at minimal as compared to the most developed region.

    Writer forgets that India is a developing country, I guess the writer has compared it to developed industrial nations. Another point is that the headline is surely misleading.

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