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Into The Past

Chapter 3

Thousands of years ago, when the Earth was nowhere close to what it is today and a million light years away from what it will be when the day of destruction arrives, I found myself lost in the loop of time, repeating my life over and over again, my thoughts, paralyzed; my brain, exhausted; surrounded by stars, somewhere in the unexplored space, I saw my body covered in a thousand knives.

I had no idea where I was; I had no idea in which time; I had traveled light years across space without any destination; And I had reached the same point everytime.

That had always been the place where it all ended; Every single time a chunk of space debris had knocked me out; I had died hundreds of times, repeatedly, at that very point in space; And so, I sat back, and waited for another death without any hope or doubt.

I knew I couldn’t change the time; I knew I wasn’t capable of changing the events of Past, Present and the Future; All of it had to end this way every time; That point of space was the inevitable end of my adventure.

I prepared myself for the conclusion; I could see the curtains being lifted; I was ready to be annihilated and immerse into the never-ending cosmos; And suddenly, I felt like I was being drifted.

The next moment, I saw the debris fly by me; It was the first time I didn’t die; And then I was scared of the unknown; And on the horizon, I could see an all new sky.

I was being pulled down into this beautiful two star system; Towards a planet that seemed to be much like earth; And before I knew; I had already landed and for some reason, I was filled with mirth.

The loop of time had been broken. Or maybe, something just helped me to postpone the inevitable.

I still had no idea what or who helped me and why. More importantly, I couldn’t even figure out how!

I was alive beyond the point I had ever been and the thought of that scared me to my bones.

Something had changed.

Something new was coming.

Maybe good, maybe bad; I didn’t know.

I was stranded on a completely new planet; somewhere beyond everything I knew; A planet with two suns; and plants that flew. It was beautiful; To me, it was all new; I knew I should be happy that I was saved; But I still had to know why and by who!


Chapter 1 The Night of Thousand Tears

Chapter 2 A Thousand Days of Pain

Chapter 4 The Saviour

Chapter 5 Facing The Truth

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