The Post Covid World

People and Governments theorizing about how the post Covid world will be so much better and how the countries will end up growing and developing at a much faster rate fascinates me.

People talk about the Post-Covid world in a way as if as soon as the virus is eradicated, everyone will have all they ever wanted; there will be Holographic reality, LMDs, ships flying over our heads and money falling from the skies.

Months ago, when India started it’s Covid-19 vaccine trial which marked “The Beginning of The End“, I, ever so brazenly, theorized and stated how the post Covid world will be no wonderland.

People are still so optimistic and naive so as to completely ignore the fact that there will be Post Covid deaths and those will be much higher in number than we are currently experiencing.

I did theorize the infections and conditions it might lead to and how it would be much more worse than the situation at hand.

I also mentioned the decreased lung function, heart problems under the post-covid symptoms when I wrote “So Much For Recovery“.

I agree all I had were theories. But now, those theories have been proven and states and countries are seeing an increased number of Post-Covid Deaths.

Again, not saying that everyone is an idiot but just that, they seem to be.

You see, optimism didn’t really help anyone. EVER!

Indians were quite optimistic. All it did was, lead to an increase of over 1 million new cases in just 13 days.

India reached the first 1 million in over 5 months.

So, India did run quite fast. That might be the only upside to this ‘Giddy Optimism’.

P.S. Post-Covid World will be filled with Tacos and Nachos and everyone will be happy and pleased.

17 responses to “The Post Covid World”

  1. Post-covid India looks grim. Today India has another high of 89000 plus cases today and we are number two both in total number and active cases. May be number one in days to come. Your predictions are coming true.

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  2. I agree that we are a long way from the finish line with COVID. My hope is that this pandemic will encourage people to become more humble and respectful of others. My hope is that this pandemic has brought to light those in power who should no longer be in power. My hope is that this pandemic will encourage people to no longer be complacent but to act to help change this world. We’ll see if any of this transpires. Its all a matter of choice. And change takes time. Blessings on all who have been affected by this virus.

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    • The difference between dreams and reality is:
      Dreams start and end with the word ‘Hope’.
      Reality is all about facts and data. Reality is about theories that were once considered to be too unrealistic and were then proved to be right over and over again, just like all my theories have.
      One can imagine a life full of hope but can’t even cross the road completely based on such an irrational factor.


      • I think there is room in this world for both dreams and fact. And as you stated, many of the unrealistic dreams/theories of old have now been proven to be factual. For me, a world without hope, as irrational it may appear to some, is a world filled with hopelessness. And that is not a world in which I want to live. May we together, with all of our diversities and unique strengths, make this world a better place in which to live.


  3. What do we do? How do we stop it?

    How do you make people listen? Why is no one listening??

    I also believe will be lasting effects and deaths for years to come.

    Well I have no idea how to fix this at all. No one listens or heeds possibility of how dangerous this really is.

    I work at a funeral home and the cases coming in are more and more

    As a matter of fact when I take a call now – right off the top I have to ask them if the death was Covid related. That’s like one of my first questions 😕

    I have no idea how to get people to listen – I wish they would… and we need better leaders ugh – they are part of the problem


      • Awww ☹️ I suppose

        I watched a documentary about the Spanish flu of 1918… and it went into other epidemics and pandemics as well…

        Each one cleared a huge chunk of the population – and reset how things were …

        Jobs became available and more opportunities (the documentaries words – not mine)

        It’s just sad 😞… but I do understand. I wish it was different.

        But that’s kinda true. And it’s how it’s going anyway

        I thought the lockdown would be a wake up call to people – that whole shut down…

        Instead the world just went crazy / everyone is fighting, people back to normal and we still have this

        Yeah I suppose you’re right


      • Yes I know. Hopefully not extinction level completely!

        Some still have promise.

        I personally would not like to be obliterated

        But I do think every so often nature does this to clear the earth a little? Make space? We didn’t learn any lessons from any time prior or now.

        So I suppose… just maybe not totally extinct 🙏 That would really suck

        Ashes to ashes I guess


      • The shooting part is a little harsh for me… BUT by not listening they will take themselves out anyway.

        Just sad to watch.

        They say over here that we should have a vaccine by November lol 😄😄 can you guess who that’s coming from?

        I don’t believe it though – we see 🙄 I really don’t believe anything they say at this point and on top of that… I’m really don’t even trust them if they try to release a vaccine …

        Conveniently it just so happens to be the same month as our elections. 🤨

        So we see – promises promises … I call bullshit

        I don’t believe them, I don’t trust either – I am very skeptical


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