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The Night of Thousand Tears

Chapter 1

The night when all my fears came to life; The night, by the thought of which I am still terrified; The night that scared me beyond apprehension; The night, I wish, could be an exception; The night which screamed so loud that blood oozed out of my ears…
I still remember every second from ‘The Night of Thousand Tears’.

Hyenas screeched in the background, owls made squeaking noises, birds were frightened to death and among all, I was standing at the epicenter of an epic downfall.

It was nerve-racking; My body, trembling; I was excited one moment… my flesh, full of life; the next, I was dead; alone in the darkness, with no trace of light.

The entire world had fallen apart; I could hear the children crying and see the people dying; I could see fire coming out of the Earth; I could see the end of death and the beginning of birth.

And while every single page of that massacre unfurled in front of my eyes and I could see the external forces ripping the Universe apart, I felt a much stronger force coming out of me, trying to bring a balance, asking me to control it; telling me to stop every thought and concentrate; telling me to feel it run through my veins and play a bigger part.

I could have stopped the tears flowing out of every eye; I could have saved every single drop of blood that fell that night; I could have prevented the falling of sky; I could have held the entire Universe in my hands; And I could have been that much-needed ray of light.

But I chose to watch! I chose to sit there and watch everything annihilate. I chose to not stand up that night and just drifted myself into a place so bleak and so desolate!

I could have seen the smiles that night;
I could have turned the tides that night;
I could have just let the force within, come out of me and balance the energy;
I could have covered the darkness with blinding light!

I chose not to do any of that.

I was scared, dead inside; I was arrogant, petrified and filled with fears; And all of that combined, led to “The Night of Thousand Tears“!

Chapter 2 A Thousand Days of Pain

Chapter 3 Into The Past

Chapter 4 The Saviour

Chapter 5 Facing The Truth

26 responses to “The Night of Thousand Tears”

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