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Art of Anonymity

The world of internet is a Crazy Place. No matter what you do, which mobile or laptop you use, where in the world you are; you can always be traced.

Your voice can be heard, you can be seen, your e-mails and messages can be read and your passwords can be hacked.

If not by an ethical or black-hat hacker sitting in his den, then by someone sitting in a fairly huge space owned by the Government.

From Google and Apple to NSA and CIA, everyone is tracking your every single move.

So, the question is; What should one do?

And the answer is fairly simple: Learn to be anonymous.

I know there is “Incognito” mode in google chrome and a “private window” in other browsers, but that doesn’t really make you anonymous.

One should always keep the webcam covered and the microphone port locked when not is use.

For a layman, I would suggest using VPN server to access the internet.

There are some fairly efficient other ways though, but they aren’t quite user friendly.

Tor browser for PC and Orbot for mobile works pretty well.

I will introduce some other ways to be anonymous in the future posts ranging from browsers that hep with privacy to complete operating systems that keep you anonymous and provide Fort Knox like security. Rather, even better.

P.S. Anonymity is Important!

13 responses to “Art of Anonymity”

  1. Just a thought: I really want to know your stand as a tech guy, do you think we can undo the damages done to our data in the past? What is your best advice to people who has suffered from hacking and breaches in their data privacy? πŸ™‚

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      • Yes, I thought so too. Once it’s been out there, there’s no way to safeguard your data. Question just popped in my mind when I read your post. At the end of the day, prevention is still better than cure.

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      • If you upload anything to the internet, it stays there.
        Though there is a really drastic way to delete it.
        Will explain it in a post soon.

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      • Yeah. Was just thinking of all the data points gathered from social media sites and third party applications that people easily agreed to and accepted without thinking about the implications of such actions and how sooner or later they might want to undo those permissions once they realize the value of their data.


      • Those are the decisions you make.
        Thoughprivacy is just an illusion, but if you know how to use the right tools and services, you might just be able to make it real.

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  2. In today’s world, I doubt if one can be anonymous. And if any government needs to know, they would just need to check the collected data. Nice post and talking point πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™‚

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