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Just Don’t Do It At All

The only one thing worse than not doing something is; “Doing it wrong”.

It’s better to not make a cake in the first place rather than ending up putting salt and black pepper in the mix.

Same is the case with people trying to find God.

People try to do so by following one religion or another.

And on top of that, people follow religion just the way a Priest, a Pandit or a Maulvi tells them to.

Have you ever questioned them? Asked them what a particular psalm, ayat or shlok means?

I have. Multiple times. Never once did I get an actual, acceptable answer.

But that might be because I have a different viewpoint.

Regardless, I am almost sure they don’t understand any of the verses they recite to you.

So, when they have no idea what it actually means, how do you expect them to lead you to GOD?

I have a logical problem here.

People always question scientists and people of exceptionally high intellect. But what I don’t understand is, why don’t people question those priests and pandits who have negligible amount of intelligence?

Just because they make you feel better and sell their thoughts better doesn’t make them wise. It just makes them ‘good salesmen’. Salesmen selling you the idea of god, using the words god never said, in a way the person who said those, never meant.

If you want to find god and follow religion, Do It! But at least do it the right way.

Read those books. All of them. Gita, Quran, Bible, etc. Understand them.

Given that you people have average intelligence, read those books multiple times and please try to understand.

Don’t be an idiot!

P.S. Either do it the right way or “Don’t do it at all”.

10 responses to “Just Don’t Do It At All”

  1. I’m with you on the merits of your blog post, except – “Given that you people have average intelligence, read those books multiple times and please try to understand.” Why do you presume to know what your readers’ intelligences are?

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