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The Vaccine Conundrum

Just over 3 months ago, I said ‘There Is No Vaccine Yet“. I also stated:

The unseen and unreal adapting nature of Covid-19 is an actual matter of concern. It most certainly seems like we will never be able to make a vaccine that can cure it on a global level.

We will have to study and research Covid-19 strands separately in every region. That is the only way to find out what kind of variations and mutations we are looking at and how they differ from region to region.

I still stand by every single word I wrote 3 months ago.

There is no vaccine. And with the way every country is going, making a new vaccine every third day, all it will lead to is ‘Global Catastrophe’.

India has developed multiple vaccines.
Russia developed one too.
USA developed many.
Everyone has a vaccine!

No matter how many vaccines are being developed, no vaccine will treat every single person on the face of this Earth.

I have said that multiple times.

And about the latest Russian Vaccine:

Russia’s top respiratory doctor quits over ‘untested COVID vaccine’; calls it gross violations of ethics

Everyone is doing just that. No protocols are being followed.

Every nation wants to develop a vaccine. No trials. No studies. No theories. No proof whatsoever.

If these vaccines are administered, people may or may not die of Covid-19, but they will surely die of the unknown side effects of the said potential vaccines.

It is much better to ask highly intellectual people to spend a month or two studying and figuring an actual way out instead of letting every idiot act upon his/her whim.

P.S. I have a theoretical potential vaccine too. It may theoretically work or may kill people. Which is why I am still studying and analyzing instead of just throwing it in people’s face and asking them to take it!

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