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The Cons of Technology

Honestly, there are no cons of “Technology”.

Everything wrong that happens due to technology, is mostly the result of ‘Human Error’.

People are, for some reason, scared of Artificial Intelligence. Why? I have no idea!

But I do know that the only people who are afraid of technology are the ones who are not familiar with it.

Now, if you give a sword in the hand of a 2 year old, he will most certainly create chaos.

We need to increase our knowledge of technology. We need to teach it in a way that is productive and life-saving to an extent.

Life model decoys aren’t creepy. They can save your life. Robots aren’t meant to kill you.

Having said that, a knife cuts vegetables and can help cut a throat too. It is all about who uses it and how!

If we can build digital homes, artificially intelligent systems and robots to work on our command, we can surely control them the way we want. In fact, we are!

Not every Artificially Intelligent Robot turns out to be Ultron or AIDA. There are always ones like JARVIS and FRIDAY.

There is an opposite side to everything.

Technology can be a bane or a boost.

Everything depends on who has the power to control it and how they do that.

P.S. A teenager with technology finds porn. A Tech-Genius with technology builds products and services to make your life easy.

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