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Man of God

Traditionally, ‘Man of God‘ was used to define the prophets and religious leaders.

The ones who were heads and toes above the rest in the quest to find God; the ones who were humble.

Now, every person who can recite a few verses from any ‘Religious Book‘ is considered to be a ‘Man of God‘.

Those ‘Men of God‘, fight against other religions; give hate speeches; consider themselves as the only passage to God; act like God has entrusted them with some higher power and responsibility; and try to defend God.

Well, for one, He most probably created the entire Universe. Do you really think He needs you to defend Him?

And also, the true ‘Men of God‘ believe in Him. They don’t go around trying to divide people on the basis of religions; giving hate speeches against people of other beliefs; and they sure as hell don’t consider them the passage to God.

The most prominent and necessary attribute of an actual Saint, of a ‘Man of God‘, is his humility. His patience and perseverance.

Men of God‘ don’t go around fighting with people of different beliefs in order to make them believe something different.

What kind of ‘Man of God‘ speaks ill about others; doesn’t keep an open mind; shuts any criticism; and goes around showing off how God speaks to him and listens to what he says?

Those aren’t the attributes of a ‘Man of God‘.

That’s just not how it works.

You either get to be humble or an ass. You can’t be both.

You can’t be arrogant when you are making a living out of something that is considered to be true and pure.

If you are, then you are just a selfish, miserable piece of shit who couldn’t make anything of his life and decided to sell the idea of God and faith by making people afraid of something that would never be.

Or, you just go around trying to make people believe in God to satisfy your ego and to make yourself feel better.

Whatever it is, you should know that it doesn’t make you ‘Man of God’.

You are not even close.

P.S. Stop calling yourself a ‘Man of God’.

6 responses to “Man of God”

  1. I went through a phase in my life when I went to church. What disappointed me was the way the churchgoers acted. Some drank, some smoked, some did both. I felt a lot of juggieness, especially from the long term churchgoers. When I asked why do these people come to church when they are like that? The reply was going to church reminded us to be and do good; being forgiven for the previous week’s bad deeds. It made me think going to church was a get out of hell free card. In my humble opinion either your kind or your not. Anyways I avoid any such large gatherings preferring to be on my own with my own beliefs.
    That was a good post.

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