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Covid-19 Figures For The Month of August

My theories “might” be wrong. My “intentions” might be wrong too. But one thing is certain, till today, my calculations concerning the rate of growth in Covid figures haven’t been.

This is all a part of experiment. An experiment to prove my theories are right. An experiment to prove, ‘I might be the only person who has an idea about what the hell is happening’. Or at least, ‘I might be the only person who isn’t delusional and is ready to face the actual facts’.

Given that my calculations were right for the month of July too, I analyzed again, experimented and calculated.

As a terrible but wise man once said, “Discovery requires experimentation“.
And if that means being proved wrong once in a while, so be it!

So, now for the month of August.

Considering the current daily number of infections being recorded across the globe, it is safe to say that the global numbers will increase by at least 8.3-8.9 million.

Also, if we then factor in the changing environmental conditions and look at all of it through my theory, I won’t consider it insane enough to say that the total number of cases from across the globe will increase by a minimum of 60%.

Global numbers should most certainly go up by over 10 million in August.

But given the circumstances and world view of ‘Covid-19 Is just a flu’, the total number shouls be in the 7.5-8.2 million range.

Though, it seems that USA and Brazil might not experience an exponential increase in daily numbers any longer, they should record a minimum of 3-3.8 million cases this month.

Daily number of cases in Brazil and the US along with a few other countries should decrease for a few days, before starting to go up again.

India should continue to keep experiencing an exponential increase. Considering all the ignorance, arrogance, environmental factors, confidence and courage; it’d be safe to assume that India’s Covid figures will witness a minimum of 2.5 times an increase.

If all goes well, India should record anywhere between 2.1- 2.5 million cases in the month of August.

But considering the testing rate, and all other human errors, I believe the number should be anywhere between 1.6-1.8 million.

And those that are not being reported, like the person who died of Covid-19; was taken to the hospital; and the doctors told the family to take him back and recorded the death as a heart attack; well, I can’t calculate that amount of human (t)error.

As for rest of the world; countries like Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Bangladesh, UK, Germany, Chile, Phillippines, Ukraine and other such countries that are located closer to water bodies will experience an increase in numbers.

And if someone tells you that population has nothing to do with it; that the spread of virus doesn’t depend on how populated a certain country, state or area is; people like ‘Ravish Kumar’; tell them they are morons.

P.S. Have Fun!

10 responses to “Covid-19 Figures For The Month of August”

  1. That first line is amazing. It should be the first line in a spy movie. Thank you for keeping us updated on COVID-19. It’s hard to find good authors for it and you’re doing a good job. BTW – You got a key & a free book download as a gift for being a New Member of our site. We’re trying to make sure our members don’t miss the freebie because it expires on Monday 😉

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  2. Have you considered the fact that we have festivals in the month of August? Considering Eid and Rakhi. The cases are going to spike tremendously. And most of the cities have been unlocked during the festivities

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  3. So true. The numbers are out there – one of my ridiculously clever nieces crunches disease stats for a living. Hearing you was like hearing her. But the right people are just not listening and acting. It is so scary.

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