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Tired Of Reading The Vedas And The Quran

Ved, Quran parh parh thakey
Sajdey kardiyaan ghis gaye mathey
Na Rab Tirath, na Rab Makkeh
Jis paya tisa noor anwaar

Tired of reading the Vedas and Quran
Kneeling and prostrating my forehead shorn
At Mathura or Makka He does not dwell
He who has found Him, only he can tell

Bulleh Shah said;

Ved Quran Padh Padh Thakkey
Sajde Kardeyan Ghis Gaye Matthe
Na Rabb Tirath, Na Rabb Makkeh

Now, I know there are some of you who don’t want to accept the actuality of things. Truth hurts. I know. But this is not just something I believe in.

Rather, this is something so true and eternal that it doesn’t even matter if you or I believe it or not. It will continue to be true.

It, very specifically suggests, going to all the temples, churches, mosques, and other so-called ‘Places of God’, is completely a waste of time.

You will never find or earn anything by reading the Vedas, or Gita, or Quran or Bible or any other such book for that matter.

You will never earn anything by kneeling before those idols in those insanely big buildings where God supposedly lives.

Be it Mathura, Be it Mecca, or any other such place, there is no one waiting for you there.

And anyone who takes pride in boasting off to others that God talks to him/her, is as miserable and pathetic as they come.

You speaking to god is one category of stupidity.

God talking to you; that’s a medical condition.

And the one who has really found God; he doesn’t run around writing that on his forehead asking for attention.

When a person reaches that level of freedom, integrity, and a million other good things to finally be able to feel God, he really doesn’t much care about the fact if you believe him or not.

Because at that point, he is simply not answerable to you anymore.

P.S. No one is so good a person that he would end up with something like that. Sorry!

7 responses to “Tired Of Reading The Vedas And The Quran”

  1. This is precisely the thing we don’t know & can’t prove… That’s why religion is faith, believe, and not science. Happy Sunday to you 💚🍀

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  2. My humble opinion is you don’t search for someone called ‘God’ in holy texts and holy places.You look for your true ‘SELF’ .
    Once you are on the way of this self discovery , all these external factors in life truly makes lot of sense.It is interesting to read and explore the Gita or any holy scripture and life with the illusion(Maya) is worth living.Btw Kaahsh , let us learn to accept the TRUTH which cannot be hidden.So all good Doctor.Let’s appreciate life.

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  3. I understand your thought process. In my opinion, you are partly correct. God does not seek recognition. All that the Vedas want is that human kind need to have love and compassion towards their fellow beings. In order to maintain a good body, you need exercise. Similarly in order to maintain a good mind, we need good thoughts that keeps the mind alive and refreshed. Vedas and Quran provides them if you read right. sorry for the long comment, it’s my personal experience!


  4. Reblogged this on So Many Words… and commented:

    I absolutely agree with this writer. I am a former Christian and could never understand the focus on locations and buildings. Economically, it works best that way, but that does not benefit faith at all.

    My favorite lines:
    “- there is no one waiting for you there.”
    “Because at that point, he is simply not answerable to you anymore.”

    Great read. Made me smile.


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