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You Can Never Find God

You Can Never Find God

Bulleh Shah once said:

Rabb Rabb Karde Budhe Ho Gaye
Mullan Pandat Saare
Rabb Da Khoj Khura Na Labhda
Ate Sajde Kar Kar Haare

All the Pandits in the temples, the Maulvis in the Mosques, the Priests in the Churches; every so-called ‘man of God’ spends his entire life reciting His name and his hymns; all day all night all they do is remember him, call him, wish to see him, someday, somewhere; but that never happens.

They spend their entire lives trying to find God. Eventually, they get old and die. No one is ever able to find Him, see Him or speak to Him. In spite of all the years spent worshiping His glory, none of them ever end up finding Him. They all lose in their quest to see the Eternal.

Bulleh Shah also said that every person who tries to find God by worshiping Him, reciting his hymns, etc. was completely wrong. For that is not any way to find Him.

He said:

Rabb Te Tere Andar Vasda
Ihde Vich Quran Ishaare
Bulleh Shah Rabb Ohnu Milda
Jehda Yaar Ton Tan man Vaare

God doesn’t exist somewhere out there in the oblivion. You don’t have to go from one place to another to find Him. You don’t have to recite His name a billion times to make Him happy. You don’t have to do anything to please Him.

He exists within you. Within you resides every ayat of Quran, every shlok of Gita, every psalm of the Bible, every teaching and philosophy of Buddha, and everything else.

You just have to explore yourself. You need to find yourself.

One who is ready to let himself be free and accepts the things the way they are and keeps going with the flow; One who puts all his trust and faith in Him; One who just lets Him take control of the things, will eventually find Him.

But that also doesn’t mean that you stop working in order to be better. Things won’t happen to you just because you want them to happen or just because you have complete faith in Him.

You still have to wake up every morning and explore. You have to work. You have to work in order to find that meaning.

You just have to be more open, accepting, and free!

P.S. Everyone here is just ‘Lost In A Loop’.

15 responses to “You Can Never Find God”

  1. It’s actually funny.
    Seeing that you’ve only guessed wrongly.
    A lot of people have spoken to God and heard Him speak, I have spoken to God and I’ve heard Him speak too.
    I’ve found God.
    I guess you’ll have to do same to make your point really valid.
    Good dayπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€


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