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How Hard Was It?

Have you ever loved someone with all the broken pieces of your heart and ended up being far more lonely than you ever were?

Have you ever experienced that feeling of being alone in spite of being surrounded by hundreds of people who actually care about you?

Have you tried to love someone in every way one could possibly imagine and still never received love?

If yes, then I have a question for you. How hard was it?

I mean, I understand there is nothing more heart-breaking than the feeling of realizing the fact that you might never be loved by the one person you so much want to be loved by. It is disastrous. I know! But, how hard was it for you?

Did you ever got mixed up in emotions? Did you ever feel like letting go and holding on, both at the same time? Were you able to make a decision for yourself and not for the sole reason of your beloved’s happiness? Were you?

I really just want to know… How Hard Was It?

9 responses to “How Hard Was It?”

  1. There is no device exist to measure someone’s pain that how hard it was….. Yes, but we can do is…we can do it by putting ourselves in its place and feel its pain…… but we can’t measure someone’s pain or happiness.

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  2. Because everyone’s pain is too big for ourselves, we cannot say that this is what happened to him and much wrong has happened to him. Because pain hurts whether it is from a small thing or a big thing

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  3. Hard! Tough!, But My Heavenly Father–my Master, my Sheherd got me through it all. His immensely, His passionate love for His creation not just for me. His faithfulness does not fit into the human mind. He stepped into my life. Whatever for? To demonstrate it all to me and to His so loved world.. Tough it is, but! The power of His love and wisdom and faithfulness to His Word never fails. It always avails. So it’s written.
    His love in my heart for all. thiaBasilia. 🙂

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  4. It was never as hard as I built it up to be in my mind, and the things which were hardest were regrets after the fact when I really wanted to let go of control and fear and instead kept myself inside and didn’t speak up, didn’t ask questions, didn’t listen. Not listening is my biggest regret. I heard everything but I didn’t listen. It was hardest when it was over. It was never hard to love. It was only hard when I started questioning myself.

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  5. I happen to have written a very similar blog a year ago. You can check it out in my blogs – “Remind me to forget.”
    And after reading that/other comments, if you’d figured out how hard it was, I have a question for you: Why do we still try, why do we still love even after all that pain? Why?


  6. Unrequited love is very hard. It is hard to love without the conditions attached of wanting that love returned. I am trying to surrender to the pain of it and let it float away.
    Love your blog ❤️

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